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What Makes Olympic Figure Skating Dresses So Special?

They're basically mini pieces of haute couture.
The Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics are over, but we’re still not over Olympic figure skating. Apart from the athleticism and artistry, the outfits are another reason to tune in to the sport. What’s so special about these figure skating dresses anyway? First, not a lot

Here’s How to Start Your Day Like an Olympian

Beat mornings like a champ.
For the average Jane, morning routines are most likely composed of pressing the snooze button three times and dragging yourself into the shower. For breakfast, well, the fastest possible thing you can put together is usually a cup of coffee. And then

4 Stylish Olympic Athletes to Follow on Instagram

They're our new style inspo!
The Rio Olympics just started and, of course, we’re thrilled and excited to see who’ll bring home the gold. But for now, our eyes are set on these superhumans who, apart from being athletes, are also trendsetters. Check them out below!Christen PressSport: