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Pretty Dried Floral Arrangements for Your Home Office

Pretty Dried Floral Arrangements for Your Home Office These beauties only require minimal care!

If you're having a hard time keeping potted plants alive, why not prettify your office desk with some dried flowers? Contrary to popular belief, dried flowers can make for striking decorations—and they're perfect for home offices that have little natural light. Withered flowers must be kept away from direct sunlight to keep them from drying out further. While these beauties don't need watering, you'll need to regularly dust them to keep them clean! 

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Here are a couple of dried floral arrangements you can shop for online:

1. Little Miss Meadow with vase, P250, from Willflower

Perfect for small desks, this dainty floral arrangement features a mix of dried misty blue and white statice flowers.  

2. Dried Statice with vase, P1,299, Pretty Withered

These dried purple-colored blooms called statice can provide your space a pop of color. According to Pretty Withered, the best thing about statice is that it still appears vibrant even in its withered state. 


3. Bleached Ruscus, price available upon request, from Willflower 

These dried neutral flowers would perfectly complement a minimalist space. But if you think they're a bit too dull, try placing them in bright-colored vases! 

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4. Jim Beam, P550, Flowers by Namu 

This dried floral arrangement that's stored in a repurposed liquor bottle can offer a more rustic look. According to Flowers by Namu, the bottles are well-disinfected and thoroughly dried prior to arrangement! 

5. Gypsophilia, price available upon request, Pretty Withered

For elegant decor, this delicate white flower is your best bet. 


6. Olivia Set, P700, Wildfleur 

If you want add a fun touch to your work station, check out these dried flowers that are uniquely arranged in a teapot and a vase: 

Learn more about the dried flowers trend in this video.

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