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Here's Where You Can Buy Pretty Dried Flowers for Valentine's Day

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than an arrangement that can last you for years.
To show one’s affection and appreciation are some of the heartfelt reasons why people give flowers, especially on a day like Valentine’s. With such high demand during the most romantic day of the year, prices for beautiful and elaborately designed arrangements don’t

Here's the Real Meaning Behind Kris Bernal's Wedding Flowers

Both the gorgeous sunflower field setup and the calla lily bouquet were created by Gideon Hermosa.
In lieu of the traditional white-and-pink rose garden theme, Kris Bernal had Gideon Hermosa spin the Magallanes Church into a dazzling sunflower field. "Actually, sunflower is the only flower requested by Kris. So I came up with the idea na gawing sunflower

Pretty Dried Floral Arrangements for Your Home Office

These beauties only require minimal care!
If you're having a hard time keeping potted plants alive, why not prettify your office desk with some dried flowers? Contrary to popular belief, dried flowers can make for striking decorations—and they're perfect for home offices that have little natural light. Withered

10 Flower Shops That Make Home Deliveries for Mother's Day

Gift your mom with fresh blooms on Sunday!
Sometimes having cake delivered is great, but perhaps not enough to make someone feel special and appreciated. If you want to make mama feel extra special on Mother's Day, you can gift her fresh flowers even during quarantine. The next best things about

6 Vase-and-Flower Combinations You Can Try to Decorate Your Home

They're super easy to do!
Raise your hands if you’ve experienced a Pinterest-gone-bad situation...because, same here! Turns out, images created by actual professionals don’t exactly turn out perfectly when you try to recreate them yourself. Oops!So what’s a gal got to do when the floral arrangements under

Flowerless Weddings Are a Thing and Here's How You Can Pull It Off

On a budget? Consider letting go of your big flower budget!
Way back then, most of you would probably turn down the idea of throwing a wedding without flowers. After all, bouquets and floral arrangements have been mainstays at nuptials for decades. But now that weddings are becoming more and more personal, and many

15 Most Romantic Flowers and What They Actually Mean

Send your loved ones a message through a pretty bouquet.
This Valentine's Day, make it extra special and express your love not just through sweet treats but with some fresh flowers! Just like how Kate Middleton had a well thought-out wedding bouquet, you can also take your romantic gesture to a new level. Below,

Here are Three Easy Ways to Toughen Up Your Florals

Flower power!
Florals are often viewed to be a sweet and delicate print and are usually expected to look a little flirty or girly. But this time around we're giving the flower print another chance to gain some street cred. When done in a

Here's Where All Flower-Obsessed Girls Can Go This Valentine's Day

Flowers for you, and you, and you...
Whether or not you like receiving (or giving!) flowers on Valentine's Day, a trip to BloomTown: A Floral Affair at 8 Rockwell is well worth the journey to Makati. The installation features far more than your usual bouquets, after all—aside from Spruce's