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Need a Boost? Here's a Roundup of Celebs Advocating Self-Love

Important reminders!
Need a Boost? Here's a Roundup of Celebs Advocating Self-Love
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Important reminders!

Everyone has battled physical insecurity at some point, and celebs are no exception. I know this in theory, but it still catches me off guard when I see public figures insert the occasional vulnerable post in their pristine feeds. These are usually met with nods of agreement and sometimes notes of gratitude by thousands of commenters.

The body-positive, self-love post is a meaningful exercise of platform and voice, managing to create a feeling of solidarity that counteracts the oppressive, over-optimized beauty ideals continuously reproduced all over the internet. Below, we've rounded up (and unearthed) a number of these ever-timely reminders of how self-love is an urgent concern, one that shouldn't to be drowned out by the white noise that surrounds us on the daily. 

If you need a self-esteem boost, check out what these influential women have to say on the topic of self-love! 

Catriona Gray

"This is the skin I wake up in every day. I love playing with makeup and being glam, but I've also grown to love the skin I wake up in acne scars, moles and all. I too have days where I dont feel confident, or my insecurities are louder...but that's okay. Loving yourself as you are is a journey, but it's a journey worth taking."


Gabbi Garcia 

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"Accept everything about yourself, wag kayo magpa-alipin sa definition of sexy on social media. You are sexy in your own way. You can be sexy in your personality, the way you think, your talents 'di ba? And just accept all your flaws. Once you accept everything, it's not a flaw anymore... flaunt those stretchmarks, flaunt your flat-chested self."


Kelsey Merritt 

"Stretch marks are sexy. Say it with me."

Iza Calzado 

"Robe from @kaftanklub cellulite and stretch marks from God and Pizza. 🙏🏽🍕😬 #thebodyloverevolution."


Kyline Alcantara

"Yes even us na artista madaming imperfections kagaya niyo but as part of our job, we need to look more presentable but it doesn't mean na ganun palagi...It's okay to upgrade and to improve yourself but it's very important na hindi dapat mawala yung sarili mo in the process of it. Don't let the norm and society dictate what you would feel and [how you should] look. Be your own unique you. Have confidence and love yourself for our Creator loves you! Yes, you, the unique you."  


Pia Wurtzbach 

"Everyday, we all struggle to be comfortable with our imperfections. But today, I’m taking this picture to say hello to ME. Just me. No makeup. No glam team. No styling. And, I’m happy with what I see. 🤗 Life’s too short to be unkind to yourself. So treat your face and your body as an instrument, not an ornament. An instrument to inspire, uplift and encourage yourself and others who need it."


Jessy Mendiola 

"I guess all I’m trying to say is, it doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to find inner peace and whatever works for you, just stick to that. I am far from perfect but this is who I am and this is how I love myself. I love myself enough to eat what I want to make myself feel good. I love myself enough to move everyday because I want to live my life as best as possible. I know it’s hard sometimes but you just gotta stand back up and try again. To whoever is reading this, accept yourself and work hard to be the best version of yourself. You do YOU."


Moira Dela Torre

"Reminding me over and over that it's okay! That my worth and beauty will never be defined by my weight and that we'll get to our goal eventually. Always full of love, always full of hope."

Lovi Poe

"I am Lovi Poe. If there’s one fabric I could wear forever it would be lace and I am also an advocate of self love. Yes I am flat and proud."


Andi Eigenmann 

My appearance hasn’t really changed, I’m very much aware of that. I admit to still having insecurities like everyone else. What changed is that I just got tired of hating my body. Now, I have come to accept myself for the way I am. Freckles, scars, stretch marks and all.


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