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We Challenged Kyline Alcantara to Sing Her Favorite Songs

This girl definitely knows how to sing!
Kyline Alcantara is only 16 years old but already has a following that marvels a superstar. The singer/actress is no doubt multi-talented and her fans, whom she fondly calls Sunflowers, can attest to that. For this #PreviewChallenge, we asked Kyline to answer

This Migraine Selfie Pose Seems to Be Taking Over Instagram

The cool girls on Instagram are all for it.
With almost a million likes on Instagram, one of Bella Hadid's signature poses has become some sort of a selfie sensation. In case you don't follow the American model, we're talking about this post in particular:This faux headache stance has been popping

Kyline Alcantara Is Finding Her Voice

She wants the world to listen, and here’s why we’re all ears.
There is a consensus when it comes to describing singer and actress Kyline Alcantara. Those who know her well all say the same thing: She speaks and acts much older than her age of 16 years. Everyone from her handler, to her

7 Celeb-Approved Ways to Update Your Makeup in 2019

Change it up!
Changing up your look for the new year is a great way to hit reset, but thing is, we don't always need a complete 360. Most of the time, a few tweaks in your makeup routine could suffice. What you can do

LOTD: Kyline Alcantra Makes a Case for Red Sneakers

So cute!
White sneakers are a true closet staple and black pairs are just as practical, too. But would you consider buying red kicks for casual wear? Well, we spotted young actress Kyline Alcantara at the Converse Chuck’s First event and she’s here to prove exactly