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Catriona Gray's Barefaced Selfies Are Proof That Pores and Spots Are Totally Normal

"I have pores, oiliness, fine lines, breakouts, beauty spots and moles...and I'm perfectly fine with that."
The Miss Universe fever is still on, which means our feeds are a carousel of polished beauty queens with perfect makeup and hair. And, let's face it: Even after pageant season is fully over, professionally beautiful influencers willl still pop up on

Need a Boost? Here's a Roundup of Celebs Advocating Self-Love

Important reminders!
Everyone has battled physical insecurity at some point, and celebs are no exception. I know this in theory, but it still catches me off guard when I see public figures insert the occasional vulnerable post in their pristine feeds. These are usually met

Plus-size Model Lands Cosmopolitan Australia Cover Wearing A Crop Top

Plus-Size Model Lands Cosmopolitan Australia Cover Wearing a Crop Top
This is probably the cover to slam certain size-related fashion rules: the March 2014 Cosmopolitan Australia fronts plus-size supermodel, Robyn Lawley wearing a crop top and a pencil skirt.While most fashion magazines and sites advise that crop tops are meant for women

A 62 Year Old Lady Is American Apparel's Latest Lingerie Model

A 62 Year Old Lady is American Apparel's Latest Lingerie Model
Provocative brand American Apparel is famous (or maybe notorious) for there deviant campaigns. Remember our report on their bushy mannequins? They've made some noise again by having Jacky O'Shaughnessy, 62 years old, pose in lingerie for their latest campaign. Jacky has modeled