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10 TV Shows Starring Andrea Brillantes Fans Can Watch Online

10 TV Shows Starring Andrea Brillantes Fans Can Watch Online
IMAGE Kadenang Ginto/ABS-CBN, Saying Goodbye/iqiyi, Click, Like, Share/iWant
She's starring in a new iQiyi original series!

Andrea Brillantes has been in the industry since the early 2010s. The dubbed “Teleserye Princess” of ABS-CBN has acted in an array of roles, from playing the younger sibling of lead stars to bagging her own career-defining projects. Who could forget her iconic lines as Marga from Kadenang Ginto? As a child star-turned-leading lady who's been working non-stop since she was 7 years young, Andrea’s already built herself an impressive, meaty filmography that can rival that of her seniors. 

Here are 10 Teleseryes that star Andrea Brillantes:

1. Alyna (2011)

Watch on: YouTube

Alyna is the story of the titular character’s endeavors in love. Having grown up in a harsh household, falling in love is the last thing on Alyna’s mind. She carries this as she grows older, but everything changes after she gets catcalled and is saved by a mysterious motorcyclist, who she comes to know as Dominic del Carmen. The two grow closer, get married, and Alyna falls pregnant with Dominic’s child. 


However, an unexpected turn of events lead to Dominic fleeing his and Alyna’s lives. She then goes out and stops at nothing to find him once again before she gives birth. But what happens if she comes across a man who is not her husband, but says he’s the real Dominic del Carmen? Andrea here plays the role of Alyna’s daughter, Sophia.

Also Starring: Shaina Magdayao, Jason Abalos, Beauty Gonzales

2. Budoy (2011)

Watch on: YouTube

After the Maniegos, a renowned family of doctors, find out their daughter-in-law, Luisa, is unable to birth a child, her husband, Anton Maniego, has her undergo an IVF procedure to ensure the conception of their son, Benjamin.

Benjamin later grows to become what their family has noted as “mentally challenged,” and with the pressure of their reputable last name on the line, a member of the family plots to take Benjamin out of the picture. Placed in the care of his adoptive mother, we come to know the young child as Budoy, a lovable but misunderstood boy living in the countryside, who faces various challenges brought about by his condition. Andrea appears in the series in flashbacks, as the younger version of Budoy’s love interest, Jackie.

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Also Starring: Gerald Anderson, Jessy Mendiola, Enrique Gil

3. E-Boy (2012)

Watch on: YouTube

Inspired by his toy maker father, Gabriel makes a promising invention of his own: a robot he can control and move around. The toy remains hidden as years pass by, but when a disaster hits the Villareal home, the robot suddenly comes to life and becomes a sentient being.

Taking on the name of E-boy or Rap-rap, he grows up playing with his neighbors and siblings on the streets for the most of his days, embarking on adventures as a boy robot. Andrea plays the role of Princess, the quick-witted playmate of E-boy.

Also Starring: Bugoy Carino, Agot Isidro, Ariel Rivera

4. Annaliza (2013)

Watch on: IWanTFC

Finally landing her first-ever lead role as the titular character, Annaliza, Andrea portrays a child stolen at birth by her father’s ex-lover, Stella, out of spite. However, when Stella refuses to take care of Annaliza, the child is left to the responsibility of Guido, a kindhearted man who works hard to give Annaliza the loving home she deserves. That is, until Stella comes back to ruin her peaceful life.


Also Starring: Kaye Abad, Carlo Aquino, Denise Laurel, Zanjoe Marudo

5. Hawak Kamay (2014)

Watch on: IWanTFC

The series tells the story of the careless and carefree Gin, whose sister unexpectedly experiences a grave accident with her husband, which leaves Gin to watch over the three orphans she’d adopted. As Gin looks after the kids on his own, the crabby lawyer, Bianca, assigned to handle their adoption papers, carefully surveils their situation, while critiquing Gin’s ways of care. 

While Gin and Bianca start out on the wrong foot,  the two grow a fondness for each other as the series progresses, especially when Gin finds out Bianca is also taking care of a little one on her own. Andrea takes on the role of Lorry in the series, who is first introduced as Bianca’s younger sister.

Also Starring: Piolo Pascual, Iza Calzado

6. Pangako Sa’yo (2015) 

Watch on: IWanTFC

Originally released in 2000, this modern remake of Pangako Sa’yo centers on the relationship between a simple barrio girl named Amor de Jesus and the wealthy Eduardo Buenavista. When the two fall in love and ruin the plans of Eduardo’s mom to marry him off to her business partner’s daughter, Claudia, she stops at nothing to manipulate the two into breaking up. Tainted by his mother’s ploy, Eduardo ends up driving a pregnant Amor away and weds Claudia instead.


Twenty years later and having lost her family to an accident caused by the Buenavistas, Amor sets out to take her revenge against them. This eventually causes a rift in the blossoming relationship between Eduardo’s son, Angelo, and Amor’s long-lost daughter, Yna. Andrea, in Pangako Sa’yo, plays the role of Lia Buenavista, the daughter of Claudia and Eduardo.

Also Starring: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Jodi Sta. Maria, Angelica Panganiban

7. Kadenang Ginto (2018)

Watch on: IWanTFC

With the series’ major storyline being one big drama fest, the show first starts with Romina Andrada and Robert Mondragon’s office romance. When Romina gets pregnant after being sexually assaulted, Robert decides to marry her, much to the dismay of his daughter, Daniela, who’s also carrying the child of Romina’s ex-boyfriend. Soon, the women each give birth to two beautiful babies by the names of Cassie and Marga. Living under one roof, the young girls are constantly caught in their mothers’ feuds, creating animosity between them, as well. Andrea personifies one of her most popular roles yet as the show's kontrabida, Maragaret Mondragon Bartolome.


Also Starring: Francine Diaz, Dimples Romana, Beauty Gonzales

8. Click, Like, Share (2021)

Watch on: IWanTFC, Upstream PH

In similar vein to the Netflix series Black Mirror; Click, Like, Share is a short webseries that follows four different Gen Z kids. From catfishing, to virality, to social climbing, and digital assistants, the series encapsulates the dark horrors we may experience due to our great dependency on technology.
Andrea plays Beth, from the Click, Like, Share episode Poser.

Also Starring: Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, Kyle Echarri

9. Huwag Kang Mangamba (2021)

Watch on: IWanTFC

From May Bukas Pa to Oh My G!, Filipinos have become avid fans of teleseryes that portray our devotion to God or "Bro," and Andrea’s most recently finished series, Huwag Kang Mangamba, fits perfectly into the genre.

The story follows Mira, Joy, Rafa, and Pio, as they help a wayward town’s people to renew their faith in Christ. Here, Andrea portrays Mira, a child born blind. She’s also the one who receives the first miracle in the series.


Also Starring: Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, Kyle Echarri

10. Saying Goodbye (2021)

Watch on: IQiyi

Saying Goodbye is iQiyi’s first-ever Fiilpino original series, as part of their partnership with ABS-CBN. The show kicks off with a meet cute between two avid Yeng Constantino fans, Ricky and Elise (Andrea), who fight over the last copy of the artist’s limited edition album. Out of frustration, Ricky hands the album over to Elise, and although they don’t get along the first time, they soon grow to become best friends.

Fast forward to their young adult years, Ricky and Elise start their own "Yengsters Pampanga Chapter" fan club, while Elise studies as a medical student. During their first club meeting, Elise finds out that Ricky’s suffering from a heart disease after an incident sends him to the hospital. Devastated by the news, Elise sets aside her own heartache and promises to stay by Ricky’s side until he fully recovers. 


Also Starring: Seth Fedelin, Andrea Abaya, Kobie Brown

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