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8 Online Sushi Bake Stores to Satisfy Your Cravings

They're some of the best around.
8 Online Sushi Bake Stores to Satisfy Your Cravings
IMAGE The Kitchen MNL
They're some of the best around.

There's no denying that the sushi bake trend's been a hot commodity in the country for the past few months. Much like past food novelties like the banana bread and ube cheese pandesal, the viral dish's popularity has spurred on numerous businesses as resourceful Filipinos continue to ways to financially tide through the pandemic.

While others sell the scrumptious meal in its well-known baked kani form, some rising online stores have found ways to innovate, whether it's a new flavor, or a different way of cooking their sushi tray. Baked Sushi Ph, for example, offers a healthier cauliflower version for the weight-conscious foodies. Not to mention they also stand out for packaging their products in food grade tin cans. Owners Clarissa Gonzales-Eleria, Erwin Eleria, and Camille Gonzales explain "[It] ensures that every order is sealed to retain its goodness. As an extra precaution to help avoid the transmission of COVID-19 through surface contact, these tin cans are sanitized using a UV Care pocket sterilizer. Making sure that every order is not only delectable but also germ-free!"


Can't get enough of this food trend? Watch the full video below and find out how the sushi bake craze sprouted in the country, plus eight Instagram shops that deliver straight to your doorstep.

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