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7 Relaxing Korean Lifestyle Youtubers to Watch for When You’re Stressed Out

Sit back, relax, and unwind with these calming Korean Youtube channels.
7 Relaxing Korean Lifestyle Youtubers to Watch for When You’re Stressed Out
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Sit back, relax, and unwind with these calming Korean Youtube channels.

Life, at times, can be completely overwhelming. We often overwork ourselves to function at maximum capacity and it inevitably takes a toll on our mental and physical health as a result. Truth be told, stress these days comes in a plethora of various shapes and forms that it’s extremely hard to escape it. As you grow older, you learn to accept stress as a part of life and try to figure out ways to cope with it as best as you can instead. 

In spite of that, it’s okay to take a break every once in a while – you deserve it. Allow yourself not to obsess over whether you’re being productive enough and just sit back and relax. Even if it’s merely for a little bit. So if you’re looking for a quick fix, on great way to unwind is by watching Korean Lifestyle YouTubers? 


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There’s a whole community that’s filled with Korean vloggers who center their content on "healing vlogs"’. These videos are said to be calming and meditative, and oftentimes they’re quite silent as it shows creators who simply document their daily lives, from cooking to studying and more. They’re not your traditional YouTuber that talks to a camera for fifteen minutes long, that’s for sure. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a step back, relax, and press play.  

Recommended Videos

Here are 7 Relaxing Korean Lifestyle Youtubers to put you at ease for when you’re feeling overwhelmed:

1. honeykki 

If you’re into ASMR and “What I Eat in A Day” videos, you’ll definitely love this channel. With over two million subscribers, honeykki is best known for their relaxing food content featuring mouthwatering meals from fillet mignon, to bibimbap, and more.


2. deemd 

Is there anything more gratifying than mindlessly watching someone do productive tasks in a calming atmosphere? If that’s the vibe you’re looking for, you definitely need to check this YouTuber out. Deemd’s videos often capture her daily life, showing her routine as a café barista and a college student.

3. Jihyunkkung 

With over one million subscribers on YouTube, Jihyunkkung is another popular Korean food YouTuber. She documents her life, most dominantly her meals for the day by making everything from kimchi rice to French toast.

4. Roha 

Roha’s content shows her everyday life as a housewife in her twenties. There is just something so satisfying about watching her routine and how it’s often the same but still proves to be different in a way. Expect to see her vlogging  about anything from dieting, to her pregnancy, to making a spicy squid dish. 

5. sueddu 

Want to know the everyday routine of a certified homebody? Head on over to sueddu’s soothing and tranquil daily life vlogs. It’s no surprise that this YouTuber’s a freelance designer either, evident in the way they tastefully shoot and edit their videos.


6. ondo 

Another popular Korean Lifestyle YouTuber, ondo has 1.03 million subscribers and counting! Her videos consist of calming “Day In My Life” vlogs alongside her cat. If you’re a food lover, she also shows cooking videos of her homemade recipes.

7. haegreendal 

We can’t help but be captivated by this content creator’s channel because of how pleasing her videos are filmed. YouTuber haegreendal shows her simple life as a mom. She truly does "healing vlogs" flawlessly with a perfect montage in every video.  

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