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7 Breakfast Foods You Shouldn't Eat in the Morning

Too bad. They're all so yummy!
7 Breakfast Foods You Shouldn't Eat in the Morning Too bad. They're all so yummy!

The best kind of breakfast should fuel your body for your activities lined up during the day. It should also boost your metabolism, keep your weight down, and fight diseases. Not all breakfast staples are healthy to eat in the morning, though, since they do the opposite. Some can ruin your metabolism and leave you feeling drained and tired. Below, examples of food you shouldn’t have for breakfast:

1. Pastries

Leftover cake, a muffin, and freshly baked donuts sound good; you might think that you’ll get loads of energy from them, but that energy isn’t sustainable at all. It may have 250 to 550 calories, which is enough to keep you going, but it has 20 to 50 grams of sugar, which is the problem. It will trigger the release of high amount of insulin, a hormone that lets your body use the carbs you get from food. This leads to the quick fall of your blood sugar, which will make you feel even more exhausted, lethargic, or hungry again. As for muffins, they’re only healthy when they’re made of whole-grain flour and honey instead of sugar.

2. Sugary cereal

Cereal without the added sugar tastes like cardboard, so a lot of us grab the sweetened ones. But these sweet cereals are high in carbohydrates, leading to a quick rise and drop in blood sugar levels. The insulin that lets the sugar be absorbed by your muscles and tissues also causes fat to be stored in your body. At least now you know which box of cereal to pick if you want to be really, really healthy!


3. Store-bought granola

A lot of store-bought granola bars are high in sugar and fat. So if you're really craving granola, it's best to make your own at home!

4. Store-bought yogurt

The yogurt you find in the supermarket is bound to be loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. (By now, you must know what all that sugar will do to you.) Have the plain ones instead and add sliced fruits to keep it healthy!

5. Pancake with loads of syrup

Pancake on its own is okay if you only eat it occasionally. It’s a good source of calcium, but high in fat and sodium. The sugar in syrup, however, will just end up draining you. Maple syrup, a natural sweetener which can boost your immune system and has antioxidants, is a better alternative. 

6. White bread

During the refining process, white bread is stripped off of its nutrients. It’s a simple carb that's easily digested but can lead to a crash. The bread that’s good for you is whole wheat that's filled with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like fiber. A complex carb, it will make you fuller and will sustain your energy longer.

7. Processed meat like bacon and sausage


Eating large amounts of processed meat increases your risk of developing heart disease or cancer. This is most especially the case if you have an unhealthy lifestyle: you smoke, eat junk food, and don’t exercise enough or at all. What makes processed meat bad isn’t the fat, salt, and sugar—almost every food item has those—but the additives that preserve the meat. It can’t be helped to have processed meat for breakfast since they’re easy to prepare and totes delicious. Just make sure you don’t have a lot of it in a day (no more than 20 grams) and don’t eat it every day. Go have that tocilog or longsilog!


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