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There's a New Korean Skincare Trend and It's Called "Skip-Care"

Finally, a doable Korean skincare routine.
Koreans introduced the 10-step (sometimes even more) skincare regimen to the world. The said complex routine is apparently the secret to getting cottony-soft complexion a.k.a. "glass skin" or "honey skin" or whatever term you want to call it. However, it seems like

10 Halloween Costume Ideas Based on Your Favorite K-Dramas

We're getting inspo from old and new shows!
It's that time of the year again! You probably have last-minute Halloween events to go to, and if you're a K-drama fan, chances are, you and your friends might want to channel some of your favorite characters this October! Check out our suggestions

These Local Celebs Will Convince You to Try Orange Lipstick

It will be your next favorite lippie!
For some girls, orange lipstick may seem too daunting to pull off in real life, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try. The color's warm undertones make it flattering on Filipinas—especially morenas. And just so you know, orange can

20 Instagram Poses You Can Try on Your Birthday

Only the best for the birthday girl!
It's your special day, so we're pretty sure your friends will allow that excuse for you to flood their feeds. Make it fun for everyone, including yourself, by documenting your special day with nothing but double tap-worthy poses. Take cues from these

What Is Rosehip Oil and Why Is It Good for Your Skin?

It could be the ultimate beauty product your skin's been wishing for.
Rosehip oil comes from the seeds of wild rose bush—and it just might be the all-natural skincare ingredient you've long been looking for! It can give you clearer, flawless-looking skin. Want proof? Here are some of its benefits:Rosehip oil is rich in

This K-Pop Star Uses a 59-Peso Product to Achieve "Glass Skin"

Her skincare routine is unbelievably simple.
The "glass skin" trend started in Korea, so naturally people hang on to every word Korean stars have to say about how they get radiant (but never greasy) complexions. Which brings us to Hyerin, a member of the K-pop girl group EXID. Doesn't

Is It Time for You to Ditch Your Tiny Trendy Sunglasses?

We hate to be the one to tell you this but...
What do these sunglasses all have in common?Apparently, they're all useless when it comes to protecting those precious peepers. According to ophthalmologist Dr. Rahul Pandit, this '90s throwback allows "more get around. Larger frames are going to protect you more." What's

7 Instagram Poses That Are Perfect for the Camera-Shy

Take notes from your favorite celebs!
There are women who can effortlessly strike a fierce pose anytime, anywhere—oh, how we envy them—and there are some who need a little help. But just because you're not super comfortable in front of the camera yet doesn't mean you should settle for

This Girl Only Washed Her Face with Distilled Water to Get Glowing Skin

Here's what happened.
Truth: We're a big fan of tried-and-tested beauty tips from the internet. This way, we won't have to be the guinea pigs in case something horrible happens (half-joking). That said, today's discovery yielded results that are quite impressive.Reddit user fortheloveofpugs89 (her name's Christine

Why You Should Consider the No-Makeup Look on Your Wedding Day

For starters, it's a classic look.
It's pretty uncommon for brides to choose the no-makeup look on their wedding day. More often they take the glam and fab route—and we think that's totally fine. But here's something that might just make you consider a barely-there look for when

5 Local Celebs Who Will Convince You to Try the Ear Cuff Trend

Take style notes from how the stars are wearing it!
We've recently spotted celebs donning ear cuffs as their statement accessory of choice, and they make us want to hop on the trend, too! If you need style pegs on how to wear this edgy piece of jewelry, scroll below for all

20 Cute Ways to Pose with Your Food

Because, you know, Instagram or it didn't happen!
It's one thing to take artsy food blogger-ish grub photos, but it's way more different when you're posing with your meal. Below, we give you ideas on how to look cute in your "what I ate today" pics!1. Make everyone know that

Fashion Blogger Kryz Uy Opens Up About Being Sexually Harassed

"No means no, and you deserve to be respected."
Influencer Kryz Uy posted an emotional vlog recounting her experience with sexual harassment. The video opens to a man approaching and touching Kryz and her instantly pulling away saying, "Excuse me. Don't touch me. That's very rude."Kryz shared, "He walks towards me and suddenly, he