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11 Places With Natural Light We Wish Came as Filters on Our Phones

When natural light is life.
11 Places With Natural Light We Wish Came as Filters on Our Phones
When natural light is life.

In a sea of heavily processed photos (pick your poison: VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, Gudak, Huji, RNI, etc.), there's nothing like a photo taken in natural light to get those double-taps on your Instagram feed. But of course, not everyone can step out for an OOTD during magic hour, right? Here we list 10 times we wished natural light was an actual filter we could slap on our otherwise gloomy photos.

1. Los Angeles, California

Remember this selfie Belle Daza took with Anne Curtis? Living for that golden glow!

2. Tuscany, Italy

Taking a photo under the Tuscan sun (don't tell us you didn't see that coming!) conjures up happy memories of summers past.

3. Boracay sunsets

Or any sunset in the Philippines, tbh.

4. Iceland

Can you just imagine the pretty colors of the aurora borealis dancing on your photos?

5. Bali

Mix in a bit of 35mm voodoo and you've got magic!

6. Japan

Almost like straight out of a movie.


7. New Zealand

Perfect for those moments with nature as your backdrop.

8. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Bright, punchy colors are always a fave.

9. Siargao

If only every kind of green could be this lush.

10. New York

You can never take a bad photo in the city that never sleeps.

11. Morocco

Sheathed in ocher and saffron hues, this African country has an inimitable aesthetic.

Some of us can only dream of teleporting to all these places for now, and until then, maybe you can consider checking out these presets that can mimic the light in these photos. Camie Juan's Lightroom presets are inspired by her travels and are named so. Check out her Paris and Philippine presets! If you're looking for more beach-friendly presets, check out Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja's.

Think you have better ideas for natural light as filters? Post your photos and don't forget to tag us on Instagram @previewph!