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Beauty Tips I Learned From Mom

Tips from the ones who know best!
Beauty Tips I Learned From Mom Tips from the ones who know best!

Our relationships with our moms may be a rollercoaster of tears and laughter reminiscent of popular telenovelas. However, we know that every city girl has grown up to watching her mom waltz in her closet and whip up magic with her makeup brushes, and now secretly admires the classic beauty expressed in each line of age that graces the elegant face of her mom.

We asked smart, strong and stunning urbanistas on the beauty secrets that they learned from their moms and now staunchly live by:


“Never touch your face (unless it is right after you have washed your hands) to keep it from getting dirty. Avoid wearing makeup.” Feanne, 28, artist

“Smile is the most natural makeup.”Weizel Gulfan, Cocogreen Plantbased Wholefoods

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“Put on sunblock and moisturizer every day to prevent sun spots and wrinkles. Always always always take care of your skin and teeth no matter your age.” Angel Bascara, 24, lawyer in the making

“Drink one glass of warm water every waking hour, and sleep eight hours every night in complete darkness.”Riva Galveztan, 29, founder of Customized Dating


“Always sleep before 10:00 PM Very hard to do nowadays but a must for glowing, rested skin.”Dianna Capco, 32, photographer


“Look approachable so that you do not scare people and potential friends away.” Janina Jao, 26, equities trader at Citisecurities, Inc.

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