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3 Simple Changes I Made to Reduce My Hair Fall

No extreme fancy hacks or expensive products!
Ever since the quarantine has started, I noticed that the amount of hair fall I had every day was alarming. Whenever I took a shampoo my locks, I would get a bunch of strands on my hand. I would sometimes worry if

5 Common Quarantine Beauty Struggles and How to Fix Them

Are your lash extensions shedding?
With all our go-to beauty services closed and experts unavailable until further notice, it's safe to say that the enhanced community quarantine has inevitably left us to our own devices. But don't fret, because most of the beauty struggles we face at

Women in Their 40s Give Beauty Advice to Their 20-Year-Old Self

A popular tip? Stop piling makeup on your immaculate skin!
We’re used to seeing lists of young achievers accomplishing impressive feats at such a young age. There are lists upon lists of 25 under 25, 30 under 30, celebrating these accomplishments. But what about the storied lives of women who have gone

Watch Kathryn Bernardo Remove Her Makeup

She's got a pretty clever tip!
Kathryn Bernardo is no stranger to putting on makeup every single day for work—be it full-on glam or a fresh "no-makeup" look. So when we asked her to share her makeup removal routine, she was more than willing to show us in

How to Achieve a Korean-Inspired Natural Makeup Look

Learn from top Korean beauty guru Jung Saem Mool.
Preview sat down with makeup artist Jung Saem Mool to learn about pulling off that dewy look that highlights a natural kind of beauty—one that’s far from stark and is lit from within. “Natural makeup gives you more confidence,” she says, and we

Review: This 5-Step Skincare Routine Gave Me Clearer, Tighter Pores

I ditched my old beauty regimen and tried Origins' Original Skin line for two weeks.
The products under Origins’ Original Skin line all have one active ingredient in common: willowherb. It’s a flower known to withstand very extreme environments, so much so that “it’s the first plant to blossom on scorched earth.” According to studies, this plant

These Local Celebs Will Convince You to Try Orange Lipstick

It will be your next favorite lippie!
For some girls, orange lipstick may seem too daunting to pull off in real life, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try. The color's warm undertones make it flattering on Filipinas—especially morenas. And just so you know, orange can

This Girl Only Washed Her Face with Distilled Water to Get Glowing Skin

Here's what happened.
Truth: We're a big fan of tried-and-tested beauty tips from the internet. This way, we won't have to be the guinea pigs in case something horrible happens (half-joking). That said, today's discovery yielded results that are quite impressive.Reddit user fortheloveofpugs89 (her name's Christine

These No-Fail Tricks Will Make Your Blush Last All Day

Bring on the flush!
You never have to worry anymore about your rosy cheeks looking dull by midday! Below, some tried-and-tested tricks to make sure your blush lasts as long as it has to:1. Apply a primer underneath to prevent your skin's natural oils from breaking

How to Make Your Lipstick Waterproof

No need for retouching!
We love wearing lipstick, but retouching it after a sip of coffee or a plate of pasta is another thing entirely. Lucky for you, there's no need to worry about touch-ups anymore—below, we reveal the ultimate hack you need to make your lippie last all day!1.

Here’s How the Korean Skin Care Routine Really Works

K-beauty is not as complicated as you think!
We get it. The “10-step skin care routine” sounds ridiculously time-consuming. And while we agree that it has an intimidating ring to it, you have to really think about why Koreans are notorious for their beauty regime. They do it because it

5 Makeup Artist Hacks You Need to Know

Straight from celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga.
When it comes to beauty advice, there's no better source than straight from the experts. In the video below, our guest editor for the month of June clues us in on how to get that fresh foundation glow, how to achieve those

How to Make it Look Like You're Not Wearing Any Foundation

It's just one simple trick.
Here's the secret: Don't put any foundation on your nose. Why? Since the nose is the center of the face, the absence of foundation makes it look like you're not wearing any. So by applying foundation just on the parts where you need

This Homemade Watermelon Sheet Mask Recipe Is Genius

And it's so easy to make!
There's something about watermelons that reminds us of blue beaches and the sun on our bronzed skin. And since we're in a tropical country, we have an abundance of it that we can consume year-round—for DIY sheet masks, that is! Sarah Lee and Christine Chang of Glow

A Lazy Girl's Guide to a Low-Maintenance Skin Care Routine

Start slow!
The ideal skin care regimen is way more than just using a facial wash. The skin is threatened every day by pollution, UV rays, and other environmental factors, so it needs to be nourished with skin care products to be resilient against

5 Ways to Avoid Breakouts During Summer

Simple steps to great skin.
Don't get us wrong: we love summer. We just wish that it didn't always come with blistering heat, perpetual buckets of sweat, and acne-prone skin. It's a struggle, but it is what it is! The only thing we can do is hack

8 Eye Makeup Tips for Girls With Monolid Eyes

No need for eyelid tape!
Calling all chinita girls out there! If you're struggling to do your eye makeup, we've got you covered. You don't have to scour Pinterest or YouTube in search of the easiest monolid tutorials as we've rounded up below the most basic and

6 Beauty Products You Should Be Storing in the Fridge

Keep them cool.
Some products last longer under cold temperatures, so it only makes sense why it has become a popular beauty hack to store them in the fridge. It slows down chemical reactions and keeps your newly purchased La Mer from going bad sooner