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5 #CoolMom OOTDs to Steal from Bea Soriano-Dee

Wardrobe pointers for all you hands-on mamas.
Alternatively, we could also title this 'How to Look Chic While Chasing Toddlers Around' because Bea Soriano-Dee sure makes it seem easy. We tell you, it's a feat styling sneakers around the non-negotiables of your daily life without dumbing your personal style

10 Stylish Ways to Pose with Your Baby on Instagram

Look good in the snaps you'll reminisce about when your little one's all grown up!
It's almost as if all of Instagram's best dressed girls are having kids at the same time. We admit that the introduction of bouncy babies makes scrolling through their feeds so much more fun now—that, and we're positively fascinated by how their

10 Celebrity Moms Who Should Be Your Beauty Pegs

Beauty inspo, right this way!
This Mother's Day weekend, we're dedicating our selfie roundup to the moms who never fail to give us a regular dose of beauty inspo, whether they're barefaced or all glammed up. 1. Divine LeeShe just gave birth last week, but Divine continues to

Liz Uy Finally Answers the Question Everyone's Been Asking

She's the newest It mom in town!
It's official! Liz Uy is now a mom to a healthy baby boy, whose photo she just shared on Instagram this morning. Everyone, meet Xavi!In an exclusive interview with Preview, the stylist to the stars reveals that no one, not even her friends,

I’m a Mom and I Can Wear a Cropped Top If I Want To

Feeling confident in your clothes is not a limited-time offer.
I found myself explaining to a middle-aged woman I happened to be waiting in line with at the pediatric clinic why I was wearing a cropped top. “You’re a mother already," she said to me in the serene tone of motherly wisdom,

How Much is a Mother Really Worth?

Show Ma the money!
What’s the hardest job you can think of? Nuclear safety inspector? That’s got to be pretty tough. How about chief financial officer for a multinational company? Imagine the work hours on that. What about being the PR manager of a senator-comedian this

LOTD: Andi Manzano & Baby Olivia Arrive At Influence Asia 2017

Twinning in their own way!
This year's Influence Asia Awards held in Kuala Lumpur saw way more than your usual A-list online sensations—it also saw the arrival of our sunny nation's real-deal, top-tier Instagram celeb, Olivia Manzano-Reyes, in support of mom Andi Manzano-Reyes' Top Parenting Influencer win!IMAGE Yanna Lopez for

Beauty Tips I Learned From Mom

Tips from the ones who know best!
Our relationships with our moms may be a rollercoaster of tears and laughter reminiscent of popular telenovelas. However, we know that every city girl has grown up to watching her mom waltz in her closet and whip up magic with her makeup

14 Signs You're Turning Into Your Mom

You have a drugstore in your bag.
Can’t seem to keep up with kids these days? The mom-genes are probably beginning to rub off on you from wearing those mom jeans.   1. You're becoming more and more forgetful.You suck at recalling dates and names. You've found yourself saying "What's

30 Most Stylish Moms We Love

An ode to Mother's Day, we round up the chicest mothers we can't help but adore.
This is it, the day we celebrate the best women in our lives–our mothers who are selfless, caring, loving, superb, and so much more (we'd run out of adjectives to describe this superwoman). As a way to show our appreciation, we round