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6 Women in Their 30s Share Their Signature Scents

Sophisticated, fresh-smelling perfumes you'd want to try yourself.
6 Women in Their 30s Share Their Signature Scents Sophisticated, fresh-smelling perfumes you'd want to try yourself.

A fragrance enters signature scent territory when it surpasses the level of casual spritzing. You don't just like this scent—you love it and won't hesitate to name it as an essential in your collection. But in case you have yet to find one good enough to deserve that title, reading about the perfumes other women love could steer you in the right direction.

Below, six women in their 30s reveal the scents they consider their signature, and of course, what they (and the people in their life) love about it: 

Jinkie Simbulan-Mayo, 33

"Dior Pure Poison is my signature scent. I’ve been using it for years since college! I love it because the scent is like my personality—girly and fresh but complex at the same time!"

PHOTO BY Jinkie Simbulan-Mayo

TRY: Pure Poison, P9550, DIOR, available via Dior Beauty's home shopping service (contact 0977 031 3357 for The Podium and 0966 206 8811 for Ayala Malls Manila Bay) 

Marj Ramos-Clemente, 30

"I have other fragrances that I use occasionally but I would say my signature scent is Glossier You. I've been using it for more than two years now, almost right after it was launched, and since then I've always made sure to stock up on it. It has this powdery, cotton-y scent! My husband loves it so much and would even remind me to buy whenever we're in the States so I don't run out. LOL!"

PHOTO BY Marj Ramos-Clemente

TRY: You, $60,

Nikki Santiago-Rivera, 37

"I’m not sure I can choose a signature scent. Fragrance, for me, is a journey. I appreciate a whole spectrum of scents and I find myself deciding on what to wear based on my mood and sometimes the weather—time of day and occasion notwithstanding. Currently, my favorite is Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady.

"Portrait of a Lady is not your typical Rose. It’s luxuriously sophisticated and exotic. It lasts really long on me, too. This perfume takes me from an opulent garden to eastern temples to storied wood-paneled halls. It sounds complicated but I find the blending of the notes of this perfume phenomenal."


PHOTO BY Frederic Malle
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TRY: Portrait of a Lady, $195 for 30ml, FREDERIC

Ira Nopuente, 35

"I like bagong-ligo smelling fragrances—those that remind you of shower care products. I’ve been a fan of Ouai hair care products ever since, so I’ve always wanted to own a perfume that carries their signature scent. It’s not available here in the Philippines, so I had to buy it when I was on vacation in the US. The Ouai North Bondi Eau de Parfum’s scent lasts all day—I could still smell it even when I got home. It’s a powdery floral that smells clean and crisp. You only need two spritzes to cover your pulse points on your wrists and behind the ear! The formula is super potent, so a bottle can last you for a long time."

PHOTO BY Nicole Limos-Morales

TRY: North Bondi, $56,

Nicole Limos-Morales, 34

"I use many perfumes, but this will always be my signature scent: Penhaligon’s Elisabethan Rose. I love it so much, I wore it too on my wedding day. It’s an impressively gratifying modern rose—a delicious floral that will change the mind of every rose perfume skeptic. It’s like candied rose—youthful but not juvenile, if you know what I mean—with hazelnut leaves, almond oil, and cinnamon as top notes. At heart is where you’ll smell the roses in the form of the rich and sweet rose absolute and delicious rose centifolia with red lily, adding to its regal appeal. The dry down puts the perfect balance and longevity with musk, wood, and vetiver. The projection of this scent is incomparable to anything else I’ve tried. It leaves such a gorgeous trail, people have literally stopped me to ask what I was wearing countless times. The great thing about quality perfumes from brands like Penhaligon’s is that they really last all day. I’ve had people ask me what my perfume is even eight hours after I’ve sprayed this. Unbelievable."

PHOTO BY nicole limos-morales


TRY: Elisabethan Rose, $208,

Maura Rodriguez, 30

"My signature scent is My Burberry Eau de Parfum! It's the perfect mix of floral and woody notes that smells sophisticated than overtly sweet. There's also this musky undertone which gives it an interesting touch. It also lasts the whole day and stays on despite Manila's grueling heat and humidity! My affordable alternative is Zara's Black Amber perfume, which is less than P1000! It's got that same musky floral scent with a woody undertone that smells really elegant!"



PHOTO BY Maura Rodriguez

TRY: My Burberry, price unavailable, BURBERRY, Department Stores

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