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10 Citrus Perfumes That Will Smell Fresh No Matter What

These are like sunshine on a bottle!
Citrus perfumes are part of a scent family that's characterized by a bright and zesty smell, which makes it a definite staple to have in your collection. Warm weather—like what we have here in PH—calls for crisp and skin-cooling aromas like it

8 Perfumes We Spotted in Jessy Mendiola's Collection

She even revealed the perfume she bought with her first paycheck!
Perfume collection vlogs are the new closet tours, it seems. Bea Alonzo and KC Concepcion have already done theirs, and the next star to jump on the trend is Jessy Mendiola. On her YouTube channel, Jessy delved into her favorite fragrances from

10 Classic Fragrances That Will Make You Smell Like Baby Powder

Because who doesn't love that irresistible baby smell?
"You smell like baby powder" isn't exactly the compliment we expect when wearing actual perfume, yet somehow, it never feels like an insult. It could even make you wear that scent over and over, because we can't imagine not wanting to smell

10 Best Musk Perfumes That Might Just Be Your Signature Scent

It'll be love at first spritz.
Here’s a fact: Musk can be found in the DNA of most fragrances. Commonly used as a base note, this aromatic substance softens and balances the scent while adding a lingering depth and warmth. It’s also considered a versatile category in perfumery.

10 Best Perfumes to Try If You Love Rose Fragrances

Stop and smell the roses.
A fragrance collection wouldn't be complete without a classic rose perfume. This timeless scent has completely bloomed into so many modern interpretations that are far from heady perfumes that you smelled from your grandma. Know more about rose fragrances below!For perfumers, roses

10 Hermes Perfumes That Will Make You Smell as Expensive as Their Iconic Bags

These luxurious scents are definitely worth your attention!
Bags and shoes aren't the only collectibles you should eye from Hermes. The French luxury house's fragrances are also worth your attention (and some extra space in your shopping bag), especially if you're in the market for something signature scent-worthy.With a history tracing

Here's Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Signature Scent

In four easy steps!
Have you ever gotten a whiff of something and been reminded of a specific person? That's what a signature scent is. It's like a fingerprint; an extension of yourself that leaves an impression on others. The search for it may not be

These Are the Best Perfumes We Tried This 2020

Because traveling with our noses was the only option this year.
In the beginning of the quarantine, wearing perfume at home despite having nowhere to go sounded like such a waste. But a few weeks in, we found ourselves holding onto every source of happiness we could find—spritzing on our favorite fragrance obviously

Bea Alonzo Reveals Her Signature Scent and Favorite Perfumes

"I wear perfume not for other people but for myself."
Though she's had her own YouTube channel for more than two years now, Bea Alonzo only started regularly uploading vlogs during the quarantine period. Thanks to her channel, we got to take a peek into her home through a two-part virtual tour. She even

10 Pretty Pink Perfumes That Look and Smell Expensive

You won't be able to resist these.
Looking for a new signature scent? We suggest you opt for something that won’t just look great on your vanity dresser but would also smell all sorts of amazing on you. Off the top of our head, we’re thinking a pretty pink

These Are the Best Fragrances We Tried in 2020

Thanks to these, we're wrapping up the year with the best scent memories.
With little choice for travel this year, we relied on different fragrances to take a momentary journey elsewhere. A spritz here and there gave us the mood boost we needed, the notes making each day feel less repetitive.For this year's Preview Best

These Are the Essential Items IU Can't Leave Home Without

She revealed her exact wallet, favorite fragrance, and more!
IU never fails to inspire us with her style. But this time around, she's making us want to do something else: declutter our bags. Because while one would expect the singer-actress to have a bag filled to the brim with luxurious trinkets,