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These Kitten Heels Are Worth the Splurge for Your Wedding Day

You can rewear these low-heeled pumps in the office!
If you're planning to splurge on a pair of designer heels for your wedding, consider getting kitten heels—and not only because they won't kill your feet. Unlike with most high heels, you can incorporate these low-heeled stilettos into your casual looks (you

Dior Homme Continues to Change the Suit and the Way Men Dress

Soft sash suits, organza bombers, baby Rimowas, and all the things you'll want from Dior Men's Summer 2020 collection.
The lazy curves of Aube are highly Instagrammable. The events space, tucked away from the center of Bangkok, has been precisely sculpted so that shadow and light are in constant play, creating pockets of contrast everywhere you turn.On this bright morning, Vietnamese

Would You Buy Rihanna's Mini Dior Book Tote for P98,000?

We love this adorable tiny version of the popular travel classic, TBH.
The iconic Dior Book Tote by Maria Grazia Chiuri—loved by the jetsettin' likes of Jinkee Pacquiao, Bea Alonzo, and Dr. Aivee Teo—now comes in a cute new micro size! And naturally, superstar extraordinaire Rihanna is one of the distinct few to carry

Can You Guess How Much These Mini Dior Bags Cost?

Hint: One of the most affordable pieces on the list goes for roughly P89,000!
Mini bags (and we mean, like, the positively microscopic kinds) are a craze that doesn't quite seem to be fading just yet. Though bigger totes are slowly growing their fanbase, there's no doubt that the novelty of a pint-sized purse is way

All the Looks We Loved From Paris Couture Week 2020

We're obsessed.
Year after year, top fashion houses put their best foot forward and serve us some of their most visionary designs. With all their pomp and frills, these aren't garments meant to be worn on a daily basis. Paris Haute Couture Week is

These Ladies Wearing Dior Menswear Are the Style Pegs You Need Today

Who says boys' clothes have to stay with the boys?
We'll always adore men's clothes on a woman. To begin with, why shouldn't we all just steal each other's threads? Fashion is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how you identify, and these megawatt ladies are further proof—here, check out

Would You Buy This Dior Keychain for P46,000?

It's even got a snap closure, so your keys aren't going anywhere.
Although 2020 trend forecasts have mentioned that the tiny bag trend is most likely to fade out soon, it seems that some brands just can't help but hang on to it for a little while longer. A bevy of your favorite designer

Dior Releases New Transparent Work Boots and We Obviously Want a Pair

Why get regular boots when invisible boots exist?
Dior’s Summer 2020 collection by Creative Director Kim Jones is soaked in eye candy: a translucent bomber jacket in the house’s iconic newspaper print, a supremely chic aluminum crossbody bag that looks like a baby Rimowa because it really is, new iterations

The Best Fragrances We Tried in 2019

Update your scent stash with these standouts!
Our year in fragrances was, for the lack of a better term, a blur. It was a whirlwind of bathing ourselves in perfumes we either loved or ended up regretting later, for the sake of finding ones worthy not only of our

This Is the Exact Dior Tote Bea Alonzo and Dr. Aivee Teo Both Love for Travel

They bumped into each other on the exact same flight, carrying the exact same bag!
We called it, we called it! In case you didn't already want a Dior Book Tote, you'll definitely crave one of your own now. It's the mutual choice of both actress Bea Alonzo and celebrity doctor Aivee Aguilar-Teo for their jetsettin' jaunts...and

These Stylish Girls Will Make You Want to Buy a Dior Book Tote

It's lookin' like the best travel bud, honestly.
After a good ol' Chanel 2.55 in the ever-coveted, tough-as-nails Caviar leather, next on yours truly's designer bag wish list has got to be a roomy, catchall travel bud. And what better candidate than the Dior Book Tote? It's got a stylish celebrity

5 Luxury Skincare Products and Why They're Extremely Popular

Ever wondered what they actually do for your skin?
The tags on celebrity-approved luxury skincare products seem like they're just meant to hurt our bank accounts, but truth be told, there are several that live up to their names and their prices. Given their hefty cost, some of these celebrity- and

We Found the Exact Designer White T-Shirts Jinkee Pacquiao Has

Her closet is brimming with designer tees!
Jinkee Pacquiao is one of the most stylish women in the country right now with a covetable designer closet. A quick browse at Instagram account and she'll leave you ooh-ing and aah-ing with her vast collection of Hermès totes and Louboutin stilts. But

These Stylish Celebrities Will Make You Want to Buy Your Own Lady Dior Bag

They'll convince you to finally make the splurge.
If there ever was an enduring classic, it'd be Dior's dainty Lady Dior. Likely topping your wish list as it did your mother's back then, it was originally unofficially named the Chouchou. That moniker clearly didn't stick around for long, because it was Princess Diana's undying devotion to

These Are the Exact Dior Pieces BTS Wore to the 11th Melon Music Awards

They've got us starry-eyed.
Aren't these Boys With Luv the chicest? Members of global K-pop sensation  BTS were dressed in Dior Homme Spring 2020 to perform their magical tune Mikrokosmos onstage at the 11th Melon Music Awards in Seoul! Watch their enchanting serenade here:They've got us starry-eyed. Below,