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5 Easy Tips to Help You Look Like You Had 8 Hours of Sleep

Your face doesn't have to show you're sleep-deprived.
5 Easy Tips to Help You Look Like You Had 8 Hours of Sleep
IMAGE Paolo Pineda
Your face doesn't have to show you're sleep-deprived.

We understand your struggle, Preview girls. Working hard the night before can render you sluggish and dreadfully sleepy the next day. But alas, work ensues, which also entails you to look presentable, no matter the long night you just had. And despite the miracles makeup can do, your mascara and red lipstick can only do so much when your eyes are shut tight and you're looking pale. So below are things you can do to make yourself look as if you've been well-rested. You will want to take down some notes, ladies, for these tips won't require you to perfect a makeup routine!

1. Wash your face with ice-cold water.


Splash some cold water on your face to help you wake up. This will alert your brain and awaken your senses. Not to mention, the cold will help your skin have a more toned and smoother look.

2. Place cold spoons on your eyes.



You can freeze two clean spoons overnight (or at least 15 minutes before use) and place them on your eyes to depuff your peepers. You can even rub the spoons under your eyes to reduce your under eye luggage.

3. Make your own milk sheet mask.

After a big night, brighten up your skin with some ice-cold milk. You can use compressed sheet masks or a wash cloth and dip it into the milk. Wring out the excess before placing onto your face. The pH of the milk plus its cold state make for an effective natural brightener for the face.

4. Don't throw away your teabags.

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Alternatively, you can also use green tea bags that you've already used (make sure they're cool enough to put on your eyes!) to soothe and calm your puffy eyes.

5. Drink up.

Dehydration will make you feel more tired. Be sure to gulp a big one in the morning to help you be more alert. Don't be tempted reaching for the coffee pot as caffeine will eventually further the dehydration, and will plummet your energy as its effects wear off.

Main image was published in Preview November 2010.

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