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This Tattoo Artist Is Giving Clients Permanent Undereye Concealer

Is it safe? Dermatologists weigh in.
The realm of permanent makeup never fails to surprise us. While we're all familiar with microbladed brows and permanent lip tint, a tattoo artist from Brazil is breaking the internet for doing something we thought wasn't possible, let alone safe—permanent concealer.Aside from

Rihanna Has a Genius Trick to Hide Dark Eye Bags

You have to see it to believe it!
Concealer is usually everyone's best bet for hiding a dark undereye situation, but not for Rihanna. The brains behind Fenty Beauty revealed that, instead of using concealer, she uses eyeshadow on her eye bags instead—and we think it's pretty genius!In a video with Vogue, the

How to Make Your Concealer Look Natural

Like you just had the best nap ever.
Putting on concealer over dark circles sounds simple enough—you swipe it on, blend it with a brush or your fingers, and you're done. But if you want your makeup work to be seamless, there's more to it than those basic steps. No

5 Easy Tips to Help You Look Like You Had 8 Hours of Sleep

Your face doesn't have to show you're sleep-deprived.
We understand your struggle, Preview girls. Working hard the night before can render you sluggish and dreadfully sleepy the next day. But alas, work ensues, which also entails you to look presentable, no matter the long night you just had. And despite

Jennifer Lawrence's Concealer Faux Pas At The Oscars

Mirror checks are important, especially when you're walking the red carpet!
It is a tad bit unfortunate that our favorite anti-It girl Jennifer Lawrence’s makeup artist got trigger happy in concealing her under-eye circles. The gorgeous star walked the 86th Academy Awards red carpet with reverse raccoon bags. Instead of keeping the bags incognito,