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14 New Ways to Wear Graphic Eyeliner

From the easiest to the most runway-ready!
14 New Ways to Wear Graphic Eyeliner From the easiest to the most runway-ready!

Graphic eyeliner has officially overshadowed other eye makeup trends on the runways this season. That said, it's time to give your winged eyeliner a holiday vacation and try out new techniques using your liner skills. And to make the transition smoother, we broke down the best graphic liner looks you can do yourself—from the easiest down to the most intricate. Check them out below!

Difficulty: EASY

These are the looks you can do in under five minutes. Make them your daily statement or your go-to for a night-out.


IMAGE Indigital, Jedd Cooney via oystermag, Ryan Michael Kelly via Hello! Fashion UK, Sarah Marie Karda

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1. Highlight your inner corners with a white eye pencil and leave the rest of your eyes bare.

2. Draw a horizontal line directly on your eyebags to lift your tired eyes.

3. If you're already a winged liner expert and can't let it go, just draw another flick all over your lower lashline and make them parallel.

4. Draw a cat eye on the outer corners of your eye twice—one on the lashline and another that extends from the lower lashline.

Difficulty: MODERATE

They're bold and quite a challenge to achieve, but they bring the most interesting twists to your regular eyeliner routine.


IMAGE, ImaxTree/Matteo Scarpellini,,, theresa

1. Draw a thick wing but leave the center of your lids bare.

2. Do your usual eyeliner then map out your crease with a colored liner.

3. It looks like a regular cat eye, but the accentuated triangle says otherwise.

4. Extend your cat eye towards the inner corners by following your crease line.

5. Do the reverse and create your wing on the lower lashline and extend the line beyond the inner corners.

Difficulty: HARD

Ready to go all out? These are the looks that almost guarantee you'll turn heads. You'll literally be runway ready!


IMAGE Indigital, James Cochrane, Sonny Vandevelde of Indigital

1. Go full on couture and do a giant wing with some jewel stickers.

2. Put your painting skills to the test and draw Coachella-inspired colored swirls and patterns.

3. Square off your eyes by shading it with black eyeliner while leaving your lids bare.

4. Create a big, empty winged liner outline and pop some glitter onto your inner corners.

5. Use your angled eyeliner brush as a stamp and draw short lines near the browbone and inner corners for some graphic falsies.

Are you ready to have all eyes on your eyes?

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