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These Beauty Trends Will Be Big in 2021, According to Pinterest

Being a "skinimalist" is one of them.
Pinterest has released their annual "not-yet-trending" report for 2021, which can help us get ahead of the game. New terms such as "skinimalism" and "indie beauty" have surfaced in its beauty category, and they're already making us look forward to the new year!To

The 10 Beauty Trends That Dominated Year 2020

BRB, trying all of it before the year ends!
Beauty trends come and go, but we can all agree that 2020’s beauty history is and will be something worth looking back on. We’ve made a big shift from last year's peachy hues and monochromatic looks, moving on to trends that are

What Exactly Is The "E-Girl" Beauty Trend?

And here's how to recreate it, too.
According to The Cut, E-girl stands for "electronic girl." But the earliest Urban Dictionary entry from 2009 defined them to be women who are "always after the D." It was an insult thrown at any attractive "gamer girls" to belittle their presence

What Exactly Is The "Asian Baby Girl" Makeup Look?

And here's how to recreate it, too.
When we think of typical Asian beauty looks, we see puppy eyeliner, pink blush, just-bitten lips, and glass-like skin. For a long time, it's been seen as the standard of East Asian beauty. There is, however, another trend that's been dominating our

7 Beauty Trends Jane De Leon Is Always Wearing

We're obsessed with all her looks.
If there is one makeup look that never fails us no matter what, it's the minimal makeup look. All you need are filled-in arches, a healthy-looking flush, curled lashes, and a blotted lip. Someone who has mastered all these factors is Jane

4 Beauty Trends That Are About to Become Big on Instagram

Be one of the firsts to try these looks!
Beckoning the start of the new season, MAC Cosmetics has rounded up some of the biggest beauty trends from the Fall/Winter runways in New York, Paris, Milan, and London. They brought in Regan Rabanal, the Senior Manager for Makeup Artistry for Asia

These Beauty Products Were Banned in the Past 100 Years

These are the things that could've gotten you in trouble.
If you haven't appreciated your freedom to wear red lipstick, get tattoos, and color your hair lately, then we have something that will make you do so. Allure has revealed an interesting list of beauty products that were either banned or illegal at some

You Have to Watch Dominique Cojuangco Take on Our Food Challenge

See how this #ImAPreviewGirl fared.
What happens when good food meets this season's hottest beauty trends? Let Dominique Cojuangco demonstrate as she takes on the Preview food challenge! Will her glittery lips stay put even after biting into a taco? Watch the video below and find out.Produced

3 Easy Alternatives to Your Usual Cat Eye

For days when you're just not feeling the flick.
The cat eye may be a classic, but on some days, we'd much rather be done quick and wear something a little easier to do. Makeup is all about being creative, after all! The only tricky part is making it practical for

4 Beauty Trends We're Excited to Try This Summer

Plus, how you can achieve the looks!
As fashion dips its toes into a dreamier scene, the beauty department chooses to take the opposite direction. Many are now drawn to the unkempt, authentic, yet endlessly creative looks. In its trend report for Spring/Summer 2017, MAC Cosmetics carried four keywords: real, free, wet,

5 Fresh Eye Makeup Ideas for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Straight off the Spring-Summer 2017 runways.
It's technically still Fall-Winter in the fashion magazine world, but we can't help looking forward to sartorially sunnier days! The same goes for beauty looks, too.But to be quite honest, it can get pretty hard to hop on the season's best beauty

These Are the Makeup Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Ready for some color?
If 2016 was the year of dewy, highlighted skin and liquid matte lips, 2017 is focusing on putting color back into our faces. Beauty trends from decades past are making comebacks in their more wearable versions, too, so prepare yourself for major

Martine Cajucom’s Favorite Beauty Trend

Find out why this It girl is obsessed with monochrome makeup.
I love monochrome dressing. It's simple, elongating, and a fun way to play with color. Which is why, I'm also into monochrome makeup. With me being my usual color psycho self (and with the help of makeup artist Jason delos Reyes), here

'90s Beauty Trends to Try Now

See the popular looks from the yesteryear!
If the seventies was all about being hip and groovy and the eighties was all for fun and boldness, the nineties was everything cool and edgy! The decade's beauty trends were no exception. While the '90s did give us some of the

14 New Ways to Wear Graphic Eyeliner

From the easiest to the most runway-ready!
Graphic eyeliner has officially overshadowed other eye makeup trends on the runways this season. That said, it's time to give your winged eyeliner a holiday vacation and try out new techniques using your liner skills. And to make the transition smoother, we