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This Shampoo Washed Off Dirt and Oil without Drying Out My Hair

It saved my tangled post-surf hair in Bali.
This Shampoo Washed Off Dirt and Oil without Drying Out My Hair
IMAGE TRESemmé, Janey Rivera
It saved my tangled post-surf hair in Bali.

TRESemmé's Detox & Nourish Shampoo has been chosen by the Preview team as the Best Shampoo of 2019. This and 24 other products were reviewed by 25 real girls for this year's Preview Girls' Choice Awards to see if they truly deserved their title. Ahead, writer Janey Aniban Rivera gives us her thoughts on the product:

The Product: TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Shampoo

What It Is

This shampoo is formulated with ginger and green tea, and it claims to cleanse impurities and product build up from the hair as it replenishes its lost nutrients. It's designed to be used daily to achieve visibly shinier, healthier locks.

TRESEMMÉ Detox & Nourish Shampoo, P399, Lazada

Current Condition

I have chin-length, wash-and-wear straight hair. I don't really have a lot of hair concerns but I try to stray away from products that can weigh my hair down or make my scalp oily because it tends to grease up easily.

My hair care routine is pretty simple, I wash (shampoo + condition) every three to four days so this shampoo fits right into my routine. I've never used a shampoo with a detoxing ability either so that made me curious. On the other hand, since I don't really use hair products I wasn't sure about how the shampoo would "detox" my hair.

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How I Used It

I was really glad I received a big bottle of the shampoo. Creating less plastic waste is really important to me, so I really appreciated the product being available in a big size instead of small plastic bottles. But what I really liked about the product was the scent. It gave off a really fresh and clean scent that I loved smelling in the bathroom, but it wasn't too overpowering either and it didn't stay too long in my hair post-shower.

Testing the product came at the right time. I spent a week in Bali and I really wanted to test the shampoo's ability to rinse salt water and surf wax out of my hair. I used the product around three times that week using the same shampoo schedule I usually adhere to, but without following up with conditioner to really see the effects of the product on my hair. 


After a few days in Bali I noticed the top of my head was becoming increasingly difficult to untangle and sticky because of the buildup of wax from balancing a surfboard on my head. Usually I apply a little coconut oil or condition my hair to remove the residue before shampooing, but this time I decided to skip those steps to really test the detox part of the shampoo. To my surprise, everything (salty and stickiness included) washed off easily and I was left with clean hair that was soft to the touch. 


Final Thoughts

Overall I think the product lives up to its claims. It's perfect for a no-frills kinda gal who wants a shampoo that does the job without being too harsh.

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