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Take a Step Towards Sustainability With This Affordable Bath Line

Here’s what you need to know about Love Beauty and Planet.
What makes you pause when you’re scanning the shelves at the supermarket, trying to figure out which product will make it to your shower shelf? Apart from how a formula makes your hair and skin look and feel, it’s nice when they

10 Good Hair Habits for Achieving Shiny, Healthy Hair

Take your hair care game to the next level.
The new year is not just the best excuse for a new look—it's the perfect opportunity to change bad beauty habits into good ones, too. Your hair might be one of the best places to start, and below, we list tips that'll

This Is the Simple Hair Care Routine That Will Stop Your Hair Fall

No need to sit for hours in a salon for a treatment!
The common causes of hair fall such as stress, hormone levels, and medication can be quite difficult to manage. We have little to no control over them. So if your strands are falling out, it's important to compensate with your hair care

Review: We Used Lush Shampoo Bars for a Week and Here's What We Think

The Preview team takes four bestsellers for a spin.
The ongoing conversation about single-use plastic has done wonders for pushing eco-friendly beauty. Solid shampoos, for one, are now a popular alternative to liquid shampoos, which are usually poured into plastic bottles. These sudsy bars are normally made with natural oils and

These Hair Products Made My Hair Smell Fresh for Two Days

Despite having an oily scalp!
What: V&M Naturals' three-step hair care line. Consisting of shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask, this sulfate-free line promises to care for both your hair and scalp with the use of natural ingredients. - be safe for colored hair- combat odor- tame frizz

Where to Buy Shampoo Bars in Manila

Start your zero-waste lifestyle in the shower!
If you're on a journey to living a zero-waste lifestyle, making a few tweaks to your beauty routine should be a top priority. For one, opting for a solid shampoo can significantly reduce the use of plastic in your routine because you

7 Products That Will Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh All Day

Stay fresh under the sun!
It's almost always hot in the Philippines all year round, so why not invest in products to keep that after-sun smell and sweat at bay? Add these to your shopping list:1. A hardworking shampooLather a shampoo that rids of the gunk and

Here's How You Should Take Care of Your Newly-Colored Hair

Keep it healthy!
When you get your hair colored, your hair care routine should be anything but sloppy. If anything, you should step up your hair game even more! Below, colorist Lourd Ramos of Creations Salon gives us after-care tips for your newly-painted locks:1. To

10 Shampoos to Help You Achieve Silky, Straight Hair

Skip the blowdry!
Nobody wants to juggle around with hair straighteners, brushes, and blow driers first thing in the morning. As much as possible, we want our locks to look their best straight out of the shower. And if sleek, straight hair is your thing,

LOTD: This Shampoo Hack Might Give You Your Softest Hair Yet

Bet you never thought of this one before.
Convention tells you that it's conditioner, not shampoo, that makes your hair feel super soft. While there's definitely truth in that, it's not 100% the case! Shampoo can do the job just as well, granted that you pick the right one.Speaking of

7 Shampoos That Will Make Your Hair Smell So, So Good

Washing your hair will be such a treat!
A shampoo can't earn the title of being the "best shampoo" if it doesn't smell good—it has to make our locks clean, fresh, and even fragrant to be a keeper! Any moisturizing and hair repair properties are mostly a given, but it's

5 Best Shampoos to Care for Colored Hair

These all-star products can preserve your hair color.
Having your hair colored means fully altering your hair care routine. And apart from layering conditioning products like hair conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair mask, and serums to prevent it from becoming brittle and dry, using a cleansing product that will keep the

How To: Prep Your Hair For A Selfie

Georgina Wilson gives us three simple steps for nailing Salon Gorgeous Hair.
The components of a double tap-worthy selfie are simple: a tantalizing smize, a sexy grin (or swallow face, up to you), and hair that's free of split ends. If there’s a girl who nails all three every single time, it would have

Keratin-porosis? Ick!

Pantene's newest hair tandem promises to restore hair to its virgin state.
If you’ve never heard of keratin-porosis, listen up. For those ladies who love their locks, I’m sure y’all know constant washing is bad for the scalp. But what you don’t know is that the copper ions found in our water (yes, the

The Secret To Soft Hair

One wash yielded surprising results.
I’ll admit to being a conditioner abuser. Yes, even with my super straight above-the-shoulder locks, I make sure I condition twice. Once to get rid of any leftover hair product (I like the waxy variety), and a second time after shampooing to

Best Of Beauty 2013: Hair

Check out our picks that involve frizz-free tresses to tamed texture.
A woman’s crowning glory will always be her mane. Whether short, wavy, layered or straight, a healthy head of hair can be a girl’s secret weapon. To tame our tresses, we’ve selected a few products that help give hair that extra oomph.

13 Shampoos For Every Hair Type

Thanks to these on target shampoos, good hair days are finally here to stay.
We’ve been using shampoos since we were babies; it’s as basic as drinking water or putting on your underwear.  So, it’s necessary to get introduced to the bubble-makers that will make your mane satiny soft, and lustrous as it grows, and of