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How to Keep Your Skin from Breaking Out While Traveling

How to Keep Your Skin from Breaking Out While Traveling
If there's a will, there's a way!

Traveling can wreak absolute havoc on our skin. The combination of airplane humidity, temperature changes, and lack of sleep (most of the time) could mean chaos in our hormones and pores. Hence, the sprouting of either one massive pimple or a full-on breakout every time you jet off for a new adventure is already to be expected. But as the wise yet cliché saying goes, "prevention is better than cure."

Below, we discuss four skincare-related ways to stop travel acne in its tracks:

1. Always keep your hands sanitized.

It's a known fact that an airplane isn't the cleanest place ever, so it's best to keep those germs as far away from your face as possible. Before you apply any type of makeup or skincare (or before touching your face in general), don't forget to wash your hands or kill bacteria with alcohol or hand sanitizer.

2. Do your skincare routine before your flight.

In-flight skincare might be a huge trend right now, but the best time to do your routine is actually before you even step inside the plane. Start with a gentle cleanser, and then lather on a moisturizing cream with occlusive ingredients to lock in moisture and keep your skin protected from the drying air right off the bat.


3. If doing in-flight skincare, don't forget to moisturize.

Putting on skincare during a flight can be very therapeautic, so we won't blame you if you can't let go of it in lieu of the previous tip. We totally get it and we feel you—masking on the plane is as close to a spa experience you can get in the sky. That said, try not to fall asleep with a sheet mask on because that will definitely dry your skin out and cause breakouts. Always end your in-flight routine with an occlusive moisturizer before you catch up on those Zs!

4. Don't pack products you haven't tried before.

Traveling causes enough stress on skin on its own, which is why you want to eliminate other possible acne triggers every time you go on a trip. For one, avoid using products you haven't tried before to prevent possible adverse reactions—because they can happen. Instead, decant your tried and true skincare into travel-sized containers so you won't need to lug heavy bottles and jars in your suitcase.

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5. Most importantly, sleep.

It doesn't matter if you're on the plane, the train, or your hotel room—if you have time to spare, use that to recharge with a few hours of sleep. Not having enough rest is one of the prime suspects for travel breakouts since it messes with your hormones, so don't take your rest time for granted!

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