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Sue Ramirez Reveals How She Got Rid of Her Double Chin

It's all thanks to a treatment that gave her a smaller face, too!
Sue Ramirez Reveals How She Got Rid of Her Double Chin
IMAGE Courtesy of Belo Medical Group
It's all thanks to a treatment that gave her a smaller face, too!

Contrary to popular belief, getting a double chin isn't only caused by gaining a few extra pounds. Your bone structure actually has a lot to do with it as well, since it could be allowing more tissue or fat to be stored in that area. This is by no means out of the ordinary, but if you prefer a more sculpted chin, then take your cue from Sue Ramirez.

According to the young actress, she's always been insecure about her double chin. "I've also always been teased as 'siopao face'," Sue reveals. But luckily, she found a solution in the newest Thermage treatment offered by Belo Medical Group—the Belo Thermage FLX. In fact, apart from Anne Curtis, Sue is also fronting Belo's Thermage campaign complete with her very own (and first ever!) solo billboad in EDSA!

Sue Ramirez for Belo Thermage FLX.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Belo Medical Group
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But what exactly does the Belo Thermage FLX do? Compared to regular Thermage, the Thermage FLX can penetrate energy quicker and deeper into the skin tissue for quicker results. Dr. Vicki Belo says it treats laxity and sagging, which are common problems for Asian skin. "[With Belo Thermage FLX], you get much lifting and tightening and lifting instantly," explains the doctor. "Of course there is the real effect of collagen deposition and elastin in three months so it only gets better."


The treatment helped Sue tighten her chin area and the rest of her face to make it appear smaller. "It's virtually painless and [has] absolutely no down time," the Belo endorser said. "I saw effects immediately after and I know its going to be better in the coming months." FYI, Sue is only 22, which is proof that you can get Thermage done even at your early 20s.

For more information about Belo Thermage FLX, visit the official Belo Medical Group website.

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