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Sue Ramirez Reveals How She Got Rid of Her Double Chin

It's all thanks to a treatment that gave her a smaller face, too!
Contrary to popular belief, getting a double chin isn't only caused by gaining a few extra pounds. Your bone structure actually has a lot to do with it as well, since it could be allowing more tissue or fat to be stored

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Applying Your Acne Products

Turns out, I've been doing it wrong all this time.
As a healing and dealing acne sufferer, I can assure you that I've done The Most for my skin. Capitalization for emphasis necessary. From natural remedies like homemade apple cider vinegar toner to painful extraction procedures, I could say I'd tried them

These Are's Most Read Beauty Stories in 2018

Which ones did you read?
We probably aren't alone in thinking that 2018 is one of the most interesting years for beauty in the last decade. Aside from being a year of celebrity-stamped products and countless controversies, the industry has gone a long way and from the

Scarlet Snow Belo Is the Future of Beauty

An heiress to a beauty empire, this three-year-old definitely isn't your run-of-the-mill kid.
There are children of famous parents, and then there are those whose names deserve their own recognition regardless of their lineage. Scarlet Snow Belo, at three years old, has already carved out her own mold. Her Instagram page has 2.6 million followers,

We Tried the Celebs' Favorite Belo Treatments and Here's What Happened

We got to experience the same beauty treatments the stars had in preparation for the ABS-CBN Ball!
Hours before the ABS-CBN Ball, Belo Medical Group invited us to their Belo Beauty Suite to experience a full celebrity treatment. We tried everything—from facials and masks to the widely popular beauty drips—to see if the stars' skin secrets will have the same magical effect on

Here's How Celebrities Prepped Their Skin for the ABS-CBN Ball 2018

They were all treated to a luxurious day of pampering!
Attending a major event like the ABS-CBN Ball (formerly named Star Magic Ball) requires some major prepping. Celebrities not only have to find the perfect outfit, their skin has to be at its best, too—and that takes a lot of work! Which

Review: I Got an Armpit Facial to Get Rid of Blackheads on My Underarms

It's a procedure you probably didn't know you needed.
Facials usually involve blackhead extractions, steaming, and exfoliation to thoroughly cleanse your face of dirt and grime. So when I heard of a treatment that could do just that, except not on your face but on your underarms, I got really curious.

I Got Baby Botox in My 30s for Younger-Looking Skin

Growing old doesn’t have to mean looking old.
Let me start this off by saying that I was born into the generation that precedes the millennials. I was able to witness life before the internet and smartphones, when students had to do their research using encyclopedias (feel free to Google

I Had My Double Chin Reduced and Here's What Happened

Read the experience here!
In the last four years and for as long as selfies and other photos of myself are concerned, the worm’s eye view and deer in headlights options are totally off-limits. I love being shot with my head tilted to my right and like

Dr. Vicki Belo Wants You to Stop Using Moisturizer

Here's why!
I am not a believer of moisturizers. There, I said it. I find moisturizers to be a band-aid solution that don’t really address the problem. Why, you ask? We’re going to get to that in a bit. But first, let me explain

Review: I Underwent Surgery to Have My Earholes Repaired

Yes, such a thing actually exists.
Fact: I’ve lived half my life wearing the same pair of diamond stud earrings. Like any other girl, I find it fun to mix and match my accessories depending on my outfit of the day. However, I’ve been rather fond of layering

Here's Exactly What Korina Sanchez Did to Achieve Her New Look

She looks amazing!
By now, you've probably seen Korina Sanchez-Roxas' new solo billboard for Belo Medical Group. In the ad, the news anchor is seen sporting a new tan and a noticeably slimmer figure. Her transformation took many by surprise, some even calling out the

Celebrities Are Apparently Getting IV Drips to Achieve Glowing Skin

They apparently give your health a boost, too!
In pursuit of glowing skin, we give very little doubt to products with good potential. Sheet masks? Love them. 10-step skin care routines? Yes, please. Oxygen facials? They definitely work! IV drips? Wait. What?Don't worry! We, too, were confused at first. Luckily,