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7 Tips to Achieving Luscious Wavy Hair

Take those frizzy coils and turn them into luscious waves.
7 Tips to Achieving Luscious Wavy Hair
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Take those frizzy coils and turn them into luscious waves.

In a culture where long, straight black hair is valued, those born with naturally wavy hair have always found themselves in a conundrum: Their locks aren’t as straight or as sleek as those shampoo commercial models'. But today, more and more girls are wanting to covet effortless-looking silky waves or beach-inspired hair! And just so you know, there are various ways to play up the natural texture of your hair and achieve that coveted lustrous look. We rounded up the ways to style tresses so you can unleash its full potential!

1. Use a wide-toothed comb.

When it comes to textured hair, you may want to put down the brush more often: When unsnarling your locks, a brush can actually cause more breakage and damage to your hair. Opt instead for a wide-toothed comb in detangling those knots: The wide spaces allow for less contact with hair while still effectively setting your hair free from those nasty knots.

Your fingers can actually be your best tool for styling your hair as it’s also safer and more forgiving on your roots. Hair is also less likely to break with your fingers as you tend to tug with less force than you would with a brush. A brush or a comb also tugs and stretches your hair's natural texture, which can result in limp, stringy waves. If you must use a brush, however, start from the ends and gently move upward, instead of starting from the roots or middle part down to the ends.


2.  Distribute styling cream with your fingers.

Aside from wreaking less breakage on your roots, your fingers can help you style your locks to your heart’s desire. They’re also especially helpful for distributing products that enhance texture: Dispense some product on your hands, and then rub and scrunch it around. After applying styling cream, you can take a lock, twirl it around your finger, and twist it from roots 'til the ends for instant heat-free ringlets!

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3.  Spritz on moisture spray.

For lush, movie-star curls, skip the sea salt spray and instead keep a moisture spray stashed away in your styling kit. While girls with thicker hair texture can better withstand the drying effect a sea salt spray can have, a product that locks moisture in can be especially helpful during hotter days when frizz is the bane of your existence. To use the moisture spray, start from the back and move toward the front, spritzing along the length of your hair. Then, use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to distribute the product, making sure that each strand is coated evenly.

4. Make use of a diffuser.

Get a diffuser attachment for your blow dryer, stat. A diffuser can really be a curly or wavy girl’s best friend as its attachment allows to disperse heat over a large surface area evenly. Unlike the usual dryer attachments that blows heat in a targeted direction, its spread-out power allows curls to dry without disrupting their natural pattern.


5. Or, leave your locks to air dry.

Don’t have a diffuser at home? Go heat-free. A diffuser can really speed things up and make sure that each of your curls are drying evenly without causing that dreaded frizz. But if you don’t have the time (or budget!) to shop for one, simply go au naturel! After applying your hair product, leave your hair to air dry and then scrunch it gently in the process to help those curls.

6.  Go for a low bun!

Need an easy yet stylish way to tie your hair? Instead of your usual ponytail, try a low bun. After applying styling cream or spray to your locks, tie your hair into a bun at the base of your nape. Then, start teasing your hair by the crown, letting stray tresses fall for a romantic look.

7.  Wear braids overnight.

Your waves may give you the best of both worlds between curly hair and straight hair. Still, you can also give your curls a little nudge and make the patterns more defined by air-drying and sleeping with braids overnight. After your night shower, wrap your hair with a towel to sop up the excess moisture before using a lightweight styling balm, running the product from roots to tips. Next, divide your hair into two sections and braid each side before tying with an elastic. When you wake up, simply take out the elastics and tousle your hair for effortless and luscious curls!

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