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Is It Better to Stick to One Beauty Line or to Make Your Own Assortment?

Is It Better to Stick to One Beauty Line or to Make Your Own Assortment?
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Preview’s beauty girls put their usuals on hold to try new skin care routines.

When it comes to skin care, trust Preview's resident beauty girls Agoo Bengzon's and Belle Rodolfo's wise words. They road-tested the pros and cons of sticking to just one line of beauty products as well as making your own assortment. Read about it below.

The One Liner: Murad's Age Reform Line

by Agoo Bengzon

The task of a beauty editor is to try out a lot of different products and by a lot, I mean at least three new products every week. In my 13 years as a beauty ed, I've tried a vast array of products from different brands. I began to develop the habit of finding the best products (not necessarily from a single brand) to come up with a more personalized regimen. This is why the task of having to commit to just one brand and line for a product review was somewhat an arduous task.



(1) AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, P1650; (2) Intensive wrinkle reducer for eyes, P1250; (3) Perfecting serum, P2950; (4) Perfecting day cream SPF 30, P2250; (5) Intensive resurfacing peel, P2450, all available at Rustan's Department Store

I used Murad's Age Reform line for 15 days and I liked the result of using the entire system. The pros of adhering to a one-brand-only regimen are:

1. Your daily skin care routine suddenly becomes easier. In this particular case, when using Murad, all I had to do was refer to the numbers on the products (finally, no more confusion on which product goes on first or last).

2. In the long run, repurchasing the products will be hassle-free since they can all be found in one counter.

3. You can be sure that the products will work synergistically, so there’s no need to worry about certain ingredients not gelling well with others.

At the end of my two-week trial, I noticed a change in the texture of my skin. It felt much more supple, and my cheeks (which are perennially prone to dryness) felt and looked properly hydrated.

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The product I enjoyed using the most was the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. It was lightly fragranced and never felt abrasive on my skin. I also loved the Intensive Resurfacing Peel that is meant to be used only once a week. That made a huge difference—it cleared my blemishes and also made my skin look like it was lit from within. 

Perhaps the only con I can think of when using an entire system from one brand is the idea of not being able to experiment with other brands, especially when something new is introduced to the market. The tendency is always to be curious about what others have to offer, and roadtesting the product is the only way to satisfy our curiosities.

Step by Step: An Assortment That Works

by Belle Rodolfo

Assembling a daily beauty regimen is every girl's duty because good skin is not effortless, and good genes are no exception (case in point: a sudden mass breakout on my previously everclear forehead way past my teens). So aside from trooping to the derma’s office regularly, I created a routine of my own.


My plan of action: to create a targeted regimen with each step dedicated to a different concern. You see, while many skin care sets seem to operate together, hitting up the Internet revealed mixed reviews. That’s why I opted to choose an array of individual products that would give me exactly what I needed.

I considered three things:

1. Skin type (I have both a problematic T-zone and arid cheeks)

2. Lifestyle (I go on nights out and I enjoy the sun, not just on vacations)

3. Level of maintenance (I’m okay with about six steps as long as they’re all necessary and don’t take long to apply).


IMAGE Elizabeth Arden, Perricone MD, L'Occitane, Shiseido, MAC

 (1) Elizabeth Arden Visible difference exfoliating cleanser, P1650, Rustan's Department Store;  (2) Clindamycin toner, dermatology clinics; (3) Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Serum, P4450, Rustan's Department Store;  (3) L'Occitane Essence sublime, P3000, Estancia Mall; (5) Shiseido Ibuki eye correcting cream, P1700, Greenbelt 5; (6) MAC Lightful marine-bright moisturizer SPF 30 PA++, P2200, Rockwell

So, in addition to the cleanse-tone-moisturize trio that I chose on the basis of my skin type—the combination-skin-specific wash, a doctor-prescribed toner to treat stubborn blemishes, and a serum in lieu of moisturizer, which has a stronger solution, feels lighter and absorbs quicker—I slipped in another serum to target skin evenness, an eye cream that’s corrective and age-appropriate for a gal in her 20s, then finished with a light sunscreen that doesn’t offend oily and sensitive skin.

Each product did supply what I was looking for, but not as quickly as I would have wanted. One qualm with going this route is I wasn’t sure these products would work together harmoniously. If you follow suit, be ready for constant experimentation (and the occasional allergic reaction). The good thing is it made me feel more in control of what went onto my face as well as the dent it made on my budget. The bad side is it takes a lot of effort to finally find that match. But since it’s never too early for skin care, we have quite a stretch for the trial-and-error years ahead. 


*This article originally appeared in Preview Magazine March 2014 issue.

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