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Review: We Tried a No-Prick Modern Facial and Here's What Happened

Review: We Tried a No-Prick Modern Facial and Here's What Happened
No pain, all gain!

What: A 75-minute modern facial by Simply Skin Ph, P1200 (P600 for 30 minutes)

What it is: It’s a no-prick facial that claims to give you glowing skin after one session.

Current condition: To be honest, my skin isn't problematic to begin with. I’ve religiously kept strict morning and night routines, and have even tried sheet masking for a whole week straight. But I do turn to facials to have my skin professionally cleaned (if that’s a thing). My problem lies in my dry skin, that and my nose being prone to both blackheads and whiteheads. Despite regularly going foundation-free, I’m still exposed to pollutants that can clog up my pores.

Procedure: The 75-minute facial started with a short consultation with the technician. I was asked what chemicals I put on my face the night before (like glycolic and lactic acids, salicylic acid, kojic, retinol, and hydroquinone) and I was also asked what procedures I had done in the past week. Apparently, you can’t do the procedure if you’ve waxed or tweezed 24 hours before, applied the aforementioned acids three days before, or had a laser treatment in the past week. According to the technician, the skin is already too sensitive after acids or lasers and will become even more brittle as the facial involves chemical exfoliation.


Next, we went through any body implants I might have (pacemakers, heart implants, etc.), my allergies, and present skin conditions. The technician also asked about my concerns and told her that my main problem is my dry skin. Afterwards, I was instructed not to apply any alcohol-based toners for the next three days and to never skip SPF.

After I signed the waiver, I was asked to lie down to start the treatment. Oil cleanser was first applied to remove my makeup before checking the hydration level of my skin. After a beep, it was revealed that I had an initial 39.7%. “Is that good?” I asked, feeling a bit nervous. “The skin should have at least 50% level of hydration, ma’am,” she answered. I was alarmed and quickly debated whether I should replace or add more steps to my existing skincare routine. But the technician assured me, “Don’t worry, ma’am. Your skin hydration level will be higher after the treatment.”

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Cucumber cleansing milk was then applied to my skin before undergoing mild exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. In this step, lactic acid was also added to help exfoliate the skin. The product was deposited onto my face through a wand that had a suction force. This process is called hydradermabrasion, which is "a mild skin resurfacing treatment using physical and chemical exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells." This process "does not consist of any manual pricking; instead, an innovative vacuum is used to simultaneously infuse the skin with a solution to allow for easier extractions."

Afterwards, my face was steamed to open up my pores and for better product absorption. Next, glycolic acid was applied on the oiliest part of my facemy nose. I asked why and I was told that at Simply Skin, they believe in listening to your skin needs. Hence, they only put products where your skin needs it the most.

Next, salicylic acid was applied using the same suction wand that was used for the lactic acid step. I was then asked to choose my face mask and I chose a mask that contained niacinamide to help brighten and moisturize my skin. I was told this was the main difference between the 30- and 75-minute modern facial treatment. The masking step is absent in the former, hence it takes shorter time.

Next, a thin layer of brightening serum was slathered on my face and my technician used two roller wands that emitted microcurrents to help increase the blood flow to my skin. I felt a prickling sensation as the wands rolled over my face. It felt bothersome at first, but overall, it didn't hurt so much.


Finally, the facial ended with a cooling wand pressed on my face to close the pores and a thin layer of SPF was applied to protect my skin. The technician then checked the hydration level of my skin. It went up to 48.9% just after one session!


As someone who's scared of facial scars brought on by constant pricking, I would totally recommend this procedure. It was painless and provided me a youthful glow in just 75 minutes. My problem area (a.k.a. my nose) felt smoother and was blackhead-free. In the following days, I also noticed my skin wasn't as oily as it usually is. I thought that I would harm my skin by undergoing a deep cleanse, but I was wrong. This treatment didn't just clean my face thoroughly, it also helped me achieve smoother and clearer skin.


So who can avail of this procedure? Everyone, surely! As mentioned before, they take note of your existing skin concerns and skin type so they can personalize your experience. If you're someone who's not a big fan of pricking the skin (who is, anyway?), this modern facial would be good for you. It's painless, gentle, and most of all personalized to your needs. However, a word of caution for pregnant women: you need to be cleared by your doctor before proceeding with the treatment.

As recommended by the technician, all skin types should go back after two to three weeks for another facial. But if you're sensitive-skinned, take a four-week interval to see results.

Simply Skin Ph clinics are located at Level 4 Ayala Malls Cloverleaf and SM City Bicutan. You can book a reservation at 0917-6246065 or 502-5271 and 0917-6235497 or 502-5274 respectively.

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