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9 Perfume Shopping Hacks Every Girl Should Know

9 Perfume Shopping Hacks Every Girl Should Know
IMAGE Gab Gutierrez
Real beauty girls tell us how.

A bottle of perfume definitely costs a pretty penny, which is why you shouldn't take shopping for it lightly. You simply can't spray something once, head straight to the cashier, and expect things to work out. Strolling the perfume aisle may sound intimidating, but we promise you, finding your perfect scent makes all the effort worthwhile.

To make your life easier, we asked five beauty girls for tips on snagging that perfect bottle. Read on and do scent shopping like a pro!

1. Test the scent in person.

According to beauty expert Agoo Bengzon, the best way to try a scent is to spritz in-store. "Don't rely on a friend's recommendation because what may smell heavenly on one person may not necessarily smell good on you," she says. "A fragrance reacts to your warmth and acidity level so one fragrance can smell completely different on two persons."

2. Take your time.

Finding the perfect perfume doesn't take one spray and sniff. To get the most out of your investment, choose carefully. "[In my case,] I might spritz my top two choices, allow the fragrance to breathe and observe how it changes after a couple of hours. Based on which one fares better or simply smells nicer, that's the one I'll get the very next day," says Agoo.

3. Know where to spray.

Beauty blogger Shari Macainag says that perfume lasts longer on certain parts of our body, so test the product there to gauge how well it'll stay on your skin. "Where should you spray? The pulse points—the back of the neck, both sides of the carotids, the neckline and the wrist. All points where skin is thinnest," says the blogger.


4. Let the scent develop before buying it.

Town & Country Philippines Beauty Editor Nicole Limos suggests spraying your picks on different parts of your body then letting it absorb for around 30 minutes before pushing the purchase.

"This is to allow the scents to absorb and mix with your own skin chemistry first. Fragrances usually change from when you spray on the counters to when they’ve settled on your skin," she explains. "This will help you know which one suits you best, and avoid common horror stories like having the scent smell pungent or sometimes similar to body odor."

5. Shop when you're not in a rush.

"Shopping for perfume is one of the things you should do in leisure," Nicole adds. As mentioned above, you need quite a bit of time to decide and find what works for you. Make it your relaxation activity on weekends and consider it retail aromatherapy!

6. Know your preferred scent profile.

"Find one that you love (for example, woodsy) and works for you [at the same time], and stick to that," says Preview's Associate Beauty Editor Belle Rodolfo. Knowing what you're looking for and focusing on one type of scent will help make shopping easier.

7. Give the scent a tough test-run.

"Sweat in your perfume—if the scent stays on or remains pleasant post-workout, then it's the one," adds Belle. Don't be shy to spray on the testers in the store either, because that's what they're for! Some scents smell even better as time progresses, so it's better to let it develop on your skin for a few hours.

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8. Don't be afraid to ask questions.'s Managing Editor Retty Contreras suggests making the most out of the sales assistant's knowledge and skills. "If you already know what you want, always ask them what they have that fall under that category. If you don't gravitate towards anything, try something else," she says. "I think finding your scent is trial-and-error, too."

9. Find out which concentration of fragrance oils fits you best.

As you know, there are several levels of fragrance concentration in perfumes. "Consider what will fit your lifestyle best," Retty suggests. If you don't mind reapplying throughout the day and like light scents, go for a cologne or an Eau de Toilette. Eau de Parfum and Parfums tend to be longer-lasting, which will best if you like stronger scents that stay on the entire day.

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