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This Delicate Lilac Perfume Will Remind You of Calm Mornings

It's the feel-good floral your collection might be missing.
Just like people, scents can be extroverts and introverts. Those that make grand spectacles of themselves and leave a distinct trail, for example, are the ones you're likely to save for a special event. On the other hand, the subtler, more reserved

10 Classic and Nostalgic Fragrances Every Woman Should Know

Spot your favorite on the list?
With how closely link our memory is to our sense of smell, getting a whiff of the scents we've worn through the years can make anyone incredibly nostalgic. Ahead, we run down some of the most memorable scents from the past two decades,

7 Fragrance Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them

From how to spritz to where to spritz.
First impressions aren't just based on the first words you utter. Sometimes, it depends on the shoes you wear, how you shake hands, and even the scent you use. In fact, a good scent has been said to make you a lot

4 Products You Can Layer Your Perfume With to Make Its Scent Last

FYI, scents don't cling well to dry skin.
Ever wondered why colognes come with matching lotions and body washes? These body products' sole purpose is to make the cologne's scent last longer. "Molecules in fragrance bind to the oils in your skin when applied," explains Telegraph, so the more hydrated

Here's What You Should Know Before Buying Perfume

Just to manage your olfactorial expectations, never fall in love at first spritz.
It’s a long courtship, the business of choosing a perfume. Here’s something no one bothered to tell you: People who walk through scent counters hoping for a quick buy are bound to end up with a barely touched bottle in their stash,

3 Perfume Pairings You Can Try for the Holidays

Give a layered update to your fragrance wardrobe.
If your outfits call for changing it up once in a while, why shouldn't this apply to your fragrance as well? Enter, fragrance layering. The thought of combining perfumes might sound complex at first, but there's an allure to making your scents

7 Tricks That Will Make Your Perfume Last All Day

Let that scent stick.
We all want our signature scent to stick to us like glue; smelling good all day is the ultimate goal after all. However, achieving that is not entirely up to your favorite bottle of perfume. You have to put a bit of

9 Perfume Shopping Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Real beauty girls tell us how.
A bottle of perfume definitely costs a pretty penny, which is why you shouldn't take shopping for it lightly. You simply can't spray something once, head straight to the cashier, and expect things to work out. Strolling the perfume aisle may sound

10 Tricks to Make Your Perfume Last Throughout the Day

Tips and tricks right here!
Filipinos are obsessed with smelling good. However, life in the urban jungle exposes us to pollution and intense heat making smelling good throughout the day a personal battle. So if you find yourself spritzing again by lunch time, you're probably not able

Watch These Guys React to Women's Perfumes

The results are hilarious!
It's safe to say that all guys love perfume on girls, but haven't you ever wondered what your guy thinks about your signature scent while sitting right next to him? To give you an idea, we asked 15 of Manila's most stylish

Here's Your Cheat Sheet on Where to Apply Perfume

Know which body part matters most.
Generally, fragrance is applied wherever a heartbeat can be felt, since this is where the skin is warm. Your body heat activates and helps optimize the scent. Fragrance rises, too, so apply on several points for a fuller aroma. Here's your go-to

Beauty Etiquette: How To Properly Wear Your Perfume

There's more to wearing perfume than just a spritz or two.
Don’t you ever wish that wherever you walk, you leave a sweet smelling trail behind? The kind of scent that people want to follow with ever whiff. Well, the answer to that, my dear friends, doesn’t necessarily mean having to bathe in

What To Do When You've Gone Overboard With Perfume

The solution for that one-too-many-sprays realization.
Okay, so you rushed out the door again. No biggie, right? But when you get in the car, you get a whiff of your perfume, only ten times stronger than what you intended it to be. Instead of leaving a sexy little