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Michelle Dy's Barefaced Photos Are a Solid Reminder That It's Okay to Not Have Perfect Skin

Michelle Dy's Barefaced Photos Are a Solid Reminder That It's Okay to Not Have Perfect Skin
IMAGE instagram/michelledyy
The beauty vlogger confidently posted her no-makeup selfies that show off her pores and acne marks.

It's no secret how filters have distorted the way many of us see our own skin. Seeing all the poreless complexions on our feeds all the time doesn't help the cause, making it seem like we're the only ones struggling with not-so-perfect skin. Luckily, more celebrities and influencers are now coming forward to bare the truth.

Yesterday, beauty influencer Michelle Dy posted a series of unfiltered no-makeup photos on her Instagram stories. She confidently showed her real skin texture, even posting several close-up shots that reveal her pores and some acne marks.

PHOTO BY Instagram/michelledyy
PHOTO BY Instagram/michelledyy

Michelle wraps up the series with a selfie of her smiling, reminding all of us that it's totally okay not to have perfect skin.

PHOTO BY Instagram/michelledyy

Naturally, the influencer's followers appreciated the much-needed reminder, because Michelle's inbox soon blew up with messages thanking her for her empowering no-makeup posts.

PHOTO BY Instagram/michelledyy
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Later on, Michelle officially took the photos to her feed. "I’m here to let you know that 'It's Ok,'" she captions it,  also urging her fellow beauty vloggers to spread the same message to their followers. We're hoping to see more of it on our feeds soon!

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