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Bretman Rock Draws Flak for His Video Allegedly Disrespecting National Anthem

The original video came out three months ago and has since been deleted.
Late yesterday, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines released a notice, reminding the public of the proper respect to be given whenever the national anthem is played. The letter warns anyone who is seen violating Republic Act No. 8491 or the

Mimiyuuuh Has a Cool Layering Trick You'd Want to Steal

This one's her particular favorite.
Mimiyuuuh, comedy-queen YouTube favorite and celebrated Preview cover girl, not-so-secretly nurses a level-1000 mastery of cute, clever layering. In fact, consider that an understatement—she's so good at it. While Mimi's definitely all about cool piling, this trick is clearly her particular favorite:

Bretman Rock Is Nominated for an International Influencer Award

He's the only Filipino influencer in the category!
Even if you aren't much of a beauty junkie, you're probably alreadyfamiliar with Bretman Rock. The Hawaii-raised Filipino influencer's wit and humor can evoke laughter out of anyone, so it's no wonder he has almost 14 million followers on Instagram. It also comes

You Need to Master Camille Co's Tutorial on Dress Codes

Business casual or smart casual? No more confusion!
Dress code confusion is terrifyingly real. Whether we're talking a wedding invite that reads "white tie" or a working lunch labeled "business casual," it's far too easy to mix everything up and accidentally appear in, say, black tie or business formal. Yikes. Not

10 Local Celebrity Vlogs to Subscribe to Right Now

Check out the visual diaries of Bea Alonzo, Alex Gonzaga, and more celebs.
These days, there are so many avenues where you can express yourself online, but there’s only so much that you can say in a tweet or an Instagram caption. A vlog is great for sharing a bigger chunk of the picture in

Free to Be Proud: Min Ortiz

"I don’t want to be a woman—I just want to look like one."
Capping off Pride month, we seek to learn more about sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE) with various members of the LGBTQIA community. Their stories are a glimpse of the diversity, beauty, and power of SOGIE and we hope that they empower you to

This YouTube Creator Started a Series to Urge People to Stop Hoarding

Meet Winnie Wong, teacher, illustrator, and the lady behind Penelope Pop.
You’ve probably seen her illustrations come to life in malls around the metro or her YouTube series How To Be Basic. We caught up with Winnie Wong, the art teacher and illustrator behind the YouTube channel Penelope Pop. Read about how she

How to Pack 14 Outfits in a Carry On Bag

Happy travels!
Truth be told, we're always on the lookout for travel tips that make life easier. Especially when they involve getting the most out of your luggage space. That's why when we came across this video, we just had to take notes. In the

You Have to See This Fashion Collection With Nicole Andersson

Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2018 finery up close.
While she’s making the rounds of Paris Fashion Week as we speak, Preview correspondent, Nicole Andersson, also flew to Japan earlier this year for a special look at Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Here, she takes all of us with her as

Meet the Philippine Winners of Influence Asia 2017

We couldn't be prouder!
Last April 8 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the top social media influencers across seven countries gathered to celebrate Influence Asia 2017, the continent's largest social media awards show."The theme for Influence Asia 2017 is 'For The Future,'

This 6-Year-Old Girl Can Do Better Makeup Than You

See for yourself.
You may think your makeup skills are good enough as long as you can draw a decent cat-eye, but behold, this little girl from Australia is about to put your beauty game to shame. At six years old (believe it or not),

These YouTube Fashion Duos Are Changing the Video Lookbook Game

Meet your new online style guides.
Fashion films and OOTDs have been happily married for some time now, and their kids are growing up fast. Because not only are video OOTDs a thing now, but how-to styling videos, shopping hauls, and tons of other fashion-related content are all

6 YouTube Channels for the Makeup Junkie

Binge on beauty.
Regardless of your beauty peg, there’s always something in YouTube’s extensive archive of videos to help you achieve that look.  While we’ve got a loyal subscription to our old favorites, adding to that list certainly doesn’t hurt either. Here are six of

These 5 Lookbook Vlogs Are The Future Of Ootds

What? You're still on Instagram? Meet these masters of the moving OOTD.
TheLineUp on YouTubeLike the second coming of Lookbook, video blogging has taken OOTDs to the next level. Popular among uber-millenials who came of age with wifi, not dial-up, these video lookbooks wow with slick editing (complete with outfit credits!) and songs that