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Dr. Vicki Belo's Tips for a Summer-Ready Butt Don't Involve Exercise

No gym membership required!
Dr. Vicki Belo's Tips for a Summer-Ready Butt Don't Involve Exercise
No gym membership required!

Achieving an Insta-worthy backside doesn't always have to mean doing 80 squats per day and clocking in extra hours at the gym. An appointment with your dermatologist could pretty much achieve the same effect, if not better! Don't believe us? We asked Dr. Vicki Belo, derm to the stars, about the best gym-free ways to achieve a summer-ready butt. See her tips below!

If you prefer your bikini area hair-free, you can choose among the many laser hair removal treatments at the Belo Medical Group clinics. The Revlite, Harmony, and the GMax are highly recommended by Dr. Vicki, but the best one depends on your pain tolerance or preferred level of comfort.

For an overall cleanse, Dr. Vicki suggests getting an exfoliating body scrub like their Wet and Dry Dermabrasion treatment. According to her, this will help remove dead skin cells and impurities, while cleansing, hydrating, and providing protection through the use of active serums. Meanwhile, if your concern is uneven skintone, the Angel Whitening system should do the trick; it targets melanin deposits and effectively lightens and smoothens the skin.

To firm and lift the butt area, treatments that utilize radio frequency technology such as Thermage Body and Venus Freeze are highly recommended by Dr. Vicki. "[These treatments use] a patented RF technology that delivers energy to tighten and lift the targeted skin on the body. It induces collagen formation which results in firmer, younger-looking skin," she says.

Don't have time for squats at all? No worries. You can simply transfer fat from other areas of your body to your peach, and it's totally derm-approved! "Fat Transfer is a unique system that uses the person's own fat and adult stem cells to fill up sunken areas, which helps in adding volume," Dr. Vicki explains. "Hyaluronic Acid fillers also help as they are natural substances found in the body and are able to attract water molecules for plumper skin."


So, which treatment are you getting this summer?

For more information, visit Belo Medical Group's official website or call 819-BELO.


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