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Lili Reinhart Swears By These Internet-Famous Anti-Acne Products

Zap those zits.
Lili Reinhart Swears By These Internet-Famous Anti-Acne Products
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/lilireinhart
Zap those zits.

Another celebrity went candid about her skin struggles, and it's none other than Riverdale's girl next door, Lili Reinhart.

In her Instagram story, the Canadian actress shared a photo of her "Tinder profile," which showed her face peppered with acne-fighting spot treatments. "I'm Lili. I'm 21, a Virgo, Cali-girl, and I have cystic acne," she wrote.

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/lilireinhart via Cosmopolitan

While this might seem like a harmless joke at first glance, Lili has actually been very open about struggling with skin issues when she was younger. "In middle school and high school, I struggled a lot with my skin, so I would try to overcompensate by wearing foundation every day," she tells Byrdie. She then admits that she occasionally suffers from cystic acne to this day, and is still surprised when her skin looks good on screen. "My skin doesn’t look as great or as perfect as it does on the show. It’s lighting, it’s smoke and mirrors, and the show’s head makeup artist, Erin McKenzie, is really amazing—she's the reason my skin looks like that."

The actress also shared her skin care essentials in the past. Last year, Lili posted a few of her favorites for clearing breakouts on her Instagram stories. And like many acne-prone girls out there, she swears by the internet-famous Indian Healing Clay mask, which she claims to be amazing at clearing cystic acne.

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/lilireinhart via Elle

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AZTEC SECRET Indian Healing Clay, P595, Healthy Options

Her pick for spot treating is another cult-favorite, which is the Drying Lotion from Mario Badescu. We're guessing it was the white spot treatment she was using on her recent IG snap, too!

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/lilireinhart via Elle

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MARIO BADESCU Drying Lotion, P1200, Rustan's

So if you haven't tried these zit-zapping essentials yet, it's now or never!