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10 Best Clay Masks for Keeping Your Pores Fresh and Clean

Fight breakouts and oily skin!
Besides having clear skin, it's everyone's dream to have less visible pores, but things like oily skin, pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle can get in the way of this goal. In fact, dermatologists will tell you that making your pores smaller is

These Face Masks Will Give You Hydrated, Glowing Skin

They contain glacier water from the Swiss Alps to hydrate your parched skin!
Aside from drinking tons of water, one of easiest ways to plump your skin is with a good ol' face mask. Hydrating masks are by far the fastest, because with the right ingredients, a single session can remove traces of flakiness and dullness

Pond's Just Released Its Own 99-Peso Sheet Masks

And they claim to be more powerful than your average serum!
Pond's is officially jumping on the K-Beauty train with their own line of sheet masks! The brand just announced the release of their Serum Masks—and they look very promising.These are definitely not your average sheet masks. Pond's Serum Masks claim to have

5 Skincare Products That Are Worth It If You Want Plumper, Firmer Skin

Feeling a little extra? Try these pampering picks.
Staying at home after a busy week is becoming more and more tempting, especially when it involves Netflix marathons and self-pampering. This weekend, why not give yourself the luxury treatment your face deserves? It’s just the indulgence you need to greet the

10 Essential Face Masks for Radiant, Glowing Skin

Sheet, sleeping, or clay? We've got it all!
On days you're lacking in the glow department, a face mask is your no-frills solution for getting your skin back in shape. So whether you're rushing out the door or staying in for a pampering session, here are the ones you can

Lili Reinhart Swears By These Internet-Famous Anti-Acne Products

Zap those zits.
Another celebrity went candid about her skin struggles, and it's none other than Riverdale's girl next door, Lili Reinhart.In her Instagram story, the Canadian actress shared a photo of her "Tinder profile," which showed her face peppered with acne-fighting spot treatments. "I'm Lili.

I Tried These Clay Masks to See Which One Worked Best on Acne-Prone Skin

Read this review if you have the same oily acne-prone skin type.
Clay masks are well-loved in general but they are particularly famous for those who have an oily and acne-prone skin type. As a member of that club, I tried different masks from three natural brands to find my ultimate pore-clearing solution. Keep

How to Master Multimasking for Tricky Skin Types

Treat your skin right!
We’re all a little obsessed with doing everything we can, all at the same time. Here’s another do-it-all activity that can add to your productivity: multimasking. While there’s a mask for every skin type, there’s none for girls who have more complex

Your Guide to the Best Sheet Masks for Every Skin Concern

Be prepared for skin emergencies!
When a skin emergency hits, we can't think of any other product that can do the job quicker than a reliable sheet mask. Yep, no matter what struggle your skin is in at the moment, there's a mask out there that can

Here's How You Can Buy More Sheet Masks for Less Money

Make it a daily habit!
Your sheet mask addiction might be draining your bank account, so let's take a step back and think of a plan: Is there a way to get glowing skin without spending 100 bucks per masking session? We say, definitely. Keep scrolling to

The Dos and Don'ts of Using Sheet Masks

Are you using it the right way?
Sheet masks are a good way to introduce K-beauty to your skin care routine. They are relatively cheap (price ranges from P50 to P300 per mask), and every application leaves your skin feeling soft and looking radiant.Below, K-beauty retailer SoKo Glam discusses the basic

10 Sleeping Masks That Can Cut Your Skin Care Routine In Half

Leave them on and be amazed!
We're all about having multi-step routines (the K-beauty way is famous for a reason!), but we all have nights when we want to spend those extra 10 minutes on something else—sleep. On these lazy nights, we go for products that require the

9 Nourishing Face Masks Dry Skin Will Love

So you can finally get that glow.
Don't be fooled. Not every face mask that promises hydration actually delivers. Especially for you dry-skinned folk, you need masks that will nourish your parched skin to get that glow. So and lo and behold, the moisture machines you've been looking for:IMAGE

7 Face Masks That Will Save Your Skin When You're Breaking Out

For your skin emergencies.
Ah, acne. Whatever we do, we all can't seem to permanently escape it. But drama aside, proper skin care will definitely make breakouts bearable for all of us. And to boost your regular spot-treating routine, acne-fighting face masks are lifesavers that'll relax

7 Face Masks That Will Help Unclog Your Pores

Squeaky clean pores right this way!
So your pores are clogged. What do you do? Do you scrub it until the dirt comes out? Dip your face into hot water? The answer is no, and no. Better and gentler ways to deal with clogged pores exist, and they

6 Beauty Products You Should Be Storing in the Fridge

Keep them cool.
Some products last longer under cold temperatures, so it only makes sense why it has become a popular beauty hack to store them in the fridge. It slows down chemical reactions and keeps your newly purchased La Mer from going bad sooner

Here's Why You Need to Put on a Face Mask During a Long-Haul Flight

Don't forget to pack one in your carry-on bag!
In case you didn’t know yet, air travel is a wrecking ball in the beauty department. Low cabin humidity sucks moisture out of your skin, which results to surprise zits popping out of nowhere. Long-haul flights are especially worse (say you’re headed

3 Face Masks to Address Your Anti-Aging Concerns

Once a week is all you need to erase the signs of time.
For those of us blessed with life experience from our years on Earth, the double-edged gift also bestows us with a dull complexion, saggy skin, and a loss of collagen. Stress can be one part of the problem, but we can't blame