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This Migraine Selfie Pose Seems to Be Taking Over Instagram

The cool girls on Instagram are all for it.
This Migraine Selfie Pose Seems to Be Taking Over Instagram
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/tingduque, jellyeugenio
The cool girls on Instagram are all for it.

With almost a million likes on Instagram, one of Bella Hadid's signature poses has become some sort of a selfie sensation. In case you don't follow the American model, we're talking about this post in particular:

This faux headache stance has been popping up on our feeds left and right, and as good as it looks when Bella does it, we've seen local celebs and influencers pull it off, too. We don't blame them—that mini temple stretch does wonders for what could be an otherwise boring self-portrait. So much so that we rounded up some of our favorites below and caught some quality tips for your next selfie sesh in the process. See them below!

Kyline Alcantara

Kyline proves that you don't need to pull your skin too hard to cop this pose. A featherlight touch works just fine.

Janine Gutierrez

If you really need that extra lift, give yourself a light stretch on both sides!


Nadine Lustre

Like Nadine, show off your eye makeup and slightly lower your chin for a better view.

Chie Filomeno

When you're not sure where to position your hands, this pose will give you a non-awkward solution.

Karen Gallman

Don't want to look like you have a raging migraine? Try Karen Gallman's cool girl take on the selfie trend.

Gabs Gibbs

Your makeup doesn't always need to be the star of the show. Angle your photo a little differently and strike this pose to show off your bling!

Jess Wilson

Jess Wilson proves that you don't need to leave your bed to take a decent selfie.

Renée de Guzman

Highlight an accessory (in Renée's case, her gorgeous beret) by casually placing your hands nearby.