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10 Effective Tricks for Wearing Makeup in Hot and Humid Weather

Don't let the heat ruin your glam!
10 Effective Tricks for Wearing Makeup in Hot and Humid Weather
Don't let the heat ruin your glam!

Let's be real: No one wants to wear a full face of makeup when the weather outside is too hot and humid to bear. But since we do live in a tropical country, it's inevitable to eventually find yourself in that situation. That said, everyone knows that the most difficult part of wearing makeup when it's hot outside isn't even the makeup itself. It's the struggle of ensuring everything you apply stays on despite the heat, sweat, and oil that comes with the high temps. Because sometimes, using longwearing products isn't enough—you have to take other precautions to help your face beat the heat. That said, we gathered 10 of our best tips for wearing makeup in humid weather below, so read on and take notes!


1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly.

The first step before applying makeup is always skincare. How you prep your skin before blending in your foundation affects its longevity the most, so don't leave it out of your priority list!

The most ideal base for any makeup look is clean skin. Pick a cleanser that suits your skin type to wipe away any excess oil and dirt that might prevent products from adhering better to your skin. Having a freshly-cleansed face under makeup reduces the chances of breakouts as well since there are less particles present that could be a breeding ground for bacteria.

2. Avoid using overdrying skincare products.

If you have oily skin, you might be tempted to use every mattifying product out there just to keep the shine at bay. However, this isn't exactly the best approach, because using too much drying products can actually dehydrate your skin and force it to produce even more oil. When this happens, makeup will melt off even faster, since there's more oil on the surface that's breaking the product down. Avoid piling on skincare with too much alcohol and opt for lightweight yet hydrating products instead.

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3. Don't forget to moisturize and prime.

As mentioned above, skin prep is important for a long-lasting look. No matter your skin type, always apply at least a light layer of moisturizer. Aside from giving you a punch of hydration and preventing an overproduction of oil, this will provide your makeup a base to stick to instead of adhering to bare and dry skin. When it's extra hot out, go for gel moisturizers that absorb quickly and don't leave a greasy finish.

makeup primer helps prolong wear as well, provided that it's perfect for your skin type. Primers create a barrier between your face and the makeup, so they basically delay the usual time it takes for your foundation to break down. For example, those with oily skin should try a mattifying primer that'll block shine and reduce the appearance of large pores. Those with dry skin might need a smoothing primer that'll diminish the look of flakiness and perfect the skin.


4. Work in light layers.

There's nothing more uncomfortable than wearing a thick layer of makeup in humid weather, so for your glam to last, try not to cake it on. You can definitely still cover what you need to cover, but build your coverage slowly. Start with a small amount of foundation and concealer, blend it in, and then add more little by little until you reach the coverage you desire. Not only will this result to a more natural-looking finish, but it won't feel as heavy compared to slapping on a full coverage foundation in one go. It'll wear off more gracefully when you start sweating, too!


5. Layer cream/liquid and powder products.

Speaking of layers, having a multiple of one product can have it stay on longer. This is a trick that makeup artists do on brides and celebrities to avoid a full makeup meltdown. How it works is you apply a cream or liquid product first—like blush, for example—and then you set it with a powder to hold the color in place. The logic behind this is that the powder's dry consistency stops the creams from melting off right away; but once the powder fades, your skin would still have the cream or liquid.


6. Use waterproof formulas.

Sweat is one of your worst enemies when it comes to keeping your makeup intact. That said, it is easy to work around this dilemma. All you have to do is use more waterproof formulas—be it mascara, brow product, eyeliner, or even foundation—that won't smudge once your skin reacts to the humidity.

7. Opt for a matte finish.

Dewy skin might be the trendy look right now, but it's unfortunately not the best choice for a humidity-proof face. That's because anything overly shiny or oil-based has a naturally emollient texture that tends to rub off the skin quicker, especially when it's not properly set with powder. Your budgeproof alternative is anything matte, oil-free, and self-setting, whether it's your base makeup or your lipstick.

8. Powder your skin.

Think of powder as your protective layer against all makeup-melting elements. It tones down the tacky finish of liquid and cream makeup, leaving your skin "dry" and preventing it from becoming a magnet to all the dirt and grime outdoors. That "dry" finish also holds everything underneath the powder in place, so nothing gets rubbed off and moved around. 


You have several options when it comes to setting powders. Loose powders, for one, can provide a seamless finish and doesn't easily cake on the skin when reapplied. On the other hand, pressed powders are convenient for those who apply makeup on the go.

9. Finish with a setting spray.

If you're not a fan of powder or simply want to lock everything in a second time, a few spritzes of setting spray should do the trick! The ingredients in this product basically act like hairspray but for your face, charging it with fixing agents that help products adhere to your skin without using powder. That said, when applied on top of powder, it sets the makeup and tones down the appearance of powder on the skin.


10. Blot—don't wipe.

When the oils start showing through or if you're sweating, patting a piece of tissue or blotting paper over the shiny areas will take the grease off your skin without disturbing your makeup. Avoid doing wiping motions, because on top of rubbing off what's on your skin, you're simply moving the oil around instead of taking it off. Once your face is oil-free again, grab your makeup bag and reapply products (like powder) where they're needed!

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