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How to Save Every Last Drop of Product from Your Vanity Kit

Get the most out of what you pay for!
How to Save Every Last Drop of Product from Your Vanity Kit Get the most out of what you pay for!

It sucks to say goodbye to a product, especially when you can see there’s still a bit of it left that you just can’t seem to get out. Luckily for you, there are a few hacks that can help you get the most out of what you pay for. Here are a few product-saving hacks you ought to know.

1. Get more foundation out of the bottle by adding in a bit of moisturizer.

It hurts to see a nearly empty bottle of foundation, especially if you blew big money on it. To get every last bit out, mix in face lotion or moisturizer and shake the bottle so that you use up every last drop of the formula.

2. Add a mixture of salt water to died out mascara.

Mascara can go up to 3 months before it turns bad. But if you find that your favorite tube has gone dry before that, adding a few drops of salt water can help revive slightly dried mascara.


3. Fix cracked blushes, eye shadows, and powders with alcohol.

There’s no need to cry over a cracked compact. You can easily fix it by spritzing on some alcohol onto the cracked powder and let the paste dry until it’s solid enough to be used again.

4. Scrape out what’s left of an empty tube by cutting it in half.

If you really want to get every last bit of product out, snip plastic tubes in half and scoop up what’s left before tossing it out.

5. Turn your blush into a lip and cheek tint by mixing it with petroleum jelly.

Is your blush almost out? Use what’s left of the powder by mixing it with petroleum jelly and use it as a lip gloss or cheek tint.

6. Re-use your falsies by removing the glue with alcohol.

Use an old mascara wand soaked in alcohol to gently clean off the glue left on your falsies.

7. Make perfume last longer by mixing a few drops of it with unscented lotion.

If you really want to make an expensive bottle of perfume last longer, add a few drops of it to unscented lotion and use that instead of spritzing on your fave scent.

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