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How to Conceal Your Acne the Right Way

Conceal without irritating your pimples!
How to Conceal Your Acne the Right Way
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Conceal without irritating your pimples!

Applying the perfect face of makeup is every girl's goal when she wakes up in the morning. But sometimes, the face just doesn't want to cooperate. With an unexpected zit breakout, we spend more time in front of the vanity debating whether to cover up the stubborn zits or just go back to bed. Now while we don't recommend piling makeup products on your pimples, we came up with easy ways you can hide the imperfections properly for those days you can't afford a lazy day. Scroll down and read how to cover up every type of acne you may have.


1. Whiteheads/ blackheads 

Use a concealer with a thick consistency. Apply it precisely on your blemishes. Skip the translucent powder and instead, set it with a loose powder that is close to your skin tone. 

2. Cystic acne


Hide the swollen and red bumps by soothing them first with an ice compress. Then dampen a washcloth soaked in lukewarm water to kill the bacteria. Stay away from full coverage foundation or tinted moisturizers as this will just make the acne more obvious, and even possibly worsen it. Instead, create a distraction with the rest of your make up. Go bold or go home with your smokey eye or statement lipstick. 


3. Drying acne

If your zits are starting to get flaky, then you may want to layoff the acne medicine and start hydrating your skin. Remove the excess skin by wetting it with a wash cloth dipped in lukewarm water and gently remove the dried skin with a pair of sterilized tweezers. Let it dry a bit before applying an oil-free moisturizer. Then you can conceal it as you usually do.

4. Oily acne

If your zits are stubbornly oily, your best bets are oil-free makeup. And when you find yourself in need of a touch up, don't just pile on the products. Blot off the excess sebum and apply a concealer with a thick consistency on the specific spot. Don't forget to wash your brushes so you won't add more bacteria to your face!

5. Red zits

Cancel out the redness with a green primer and green concealer. Add a bit of yellow-based concealer and blend, blend, blend!

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