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This Tattoo Artist Is Giving Clients Permanent Undereye Concealer

Is it safe? Dermatologists weigh in.
The realm of permanent makeup never fails to surprise us. While we're all familiar with microbladed brows and permanent lip tint, a tattoo artist from Brazil is breaking the internet for doing something we thought wasn't possible, let alone safe—permanent concealer.Aside from

Here's How to Choose the Correct Shade of Undereye Concealer for You

Don't make it too obvious that you pulled an all-nighter!
When you have undereye troubles to cover, your concealer shouldn't just be good at, well, concealing. It has to come in the perfect shade, too, because the wrong color will only make your dark circles look worse than they are—and nobody wants

This 3-Step Routine Will Help You Blur (Not Conceal!) Blemishes

It's all in the technique.
It’s a vicious yet common cycle: Blemishes have yet to clear and, already, more resurface. But we’ve had enough. We come armed with the right concoctions to wage a war against the frustration of flawless skin. Photoshop-inspired products have brought about a new

Rihanna Has a Genius Trick to Hide Dark Eye Bags

You have to see it to believe it!
Concealer is usually everyone's best bet for hiding a dark undereye situation, but not for Rihanna. The brains behind Fenty Beauty revealed that, instead of using concealer, she uses eyeshadow on her eye bags instead—and we think it's pretty genius!In a video with Vogue, the

How to Make Your Concealer Look Natural

Like you just had the best nap ever.
Putting on concealer over dark circles sounds simple enough—you swipe it on, blend it with a brush or your fingers, and you're done. But if you want your makeup work to be seamless, there's more to it than those basic steps. No

This Mesmerizing Video Will Show You How Concealers Are Made

Be amazed.
The number of concealers available on the market is overwhelming. Even for us who try so many things every day, it's difficult to pick a favorite. Different situations call for different products, after all! That said, we've probably recommended NARS' Radiant Creamy Concealer

Here's a 5-Minute Makeup Hack to Achieve Glowing Skin

Makeup magic never lets us down.
Typically, it would take months before your new skin care routine shows you results. You have to wait at least a month to see a difference, and even longer to get a drastic transformation. It'll take time, but the results will definitely

LOTD: We Bleached Pia Wurtzbach's Eyebrows for Her Cover Shoot

...without actually using bleach.
Kendall Jenner once admitted that she hates it whenever designers mess with her eyebrows. So far, she's had her arches bleached twice: one for when she walked for Givenchy, and another time for a Marc Jacobs show. "It always freaks me out

How to Prevent Your Concealer from Creasing

For that seamless finish.
Concealer is everyone's favorite beauty product until it starts emphasizing the very thing it's supposed to cover. It looks perfect when you first apply it, and then it settles into the lines on your face in a few hours. No bueno. But

5 Products That Will Make You Skip Foundation Entirely

With your skin still looking A+!
On days when you want to give your face a break from foundation, try these lightweight makeup products to achieve a clear, smooth complexion. Stay until the end for the skin care secret for getting rid of scars and discoloration so you

7 Makeup Artist-Approved Concealers You Need in Your Kit

If they love these, you will, too.
Nothing enables purchases better than a great recommendation. Be it from a magazine, a beauty blogger, or your best friends, hearing a quick rave about a product can pique your interest without fail. It's a great way to find your next holy

How to Use the Different Types of Concealers

Make the most out of this makeup kit staple!
Our skin can be as unpredictable as the weather. You never know how it'll react in the face of an all-nighter and stress! That's why we're so lucky to always have concealer to the rescue. Thing is, you need to know how

Maybelline's Fit Me Line Is Now in the Philippines

The US bestseller is out to rock our local shelves.
Ever since Maybelline's Fit Me! line launched in the US, beauty bloggers everywhere couldn't stop raving about how good it is. Try googling it right now, and you'll be greeted with a mass of glowing reviews. And when the Fit Me! concealer first

8 Makeup Artist-Approved Tricks to Conceal Your Acne Scars

It's a science.
Zits definitely come and go, but acne scars? Nope. Those stay. Covering them up isn't that easy either, because when done haphazardly, they end up looking worse. We honestly consider acne scar coverage as a complicated science. But as always, the pros

3 Quick Makeup Tricks for a Narrower Face

Feeling puffy?
Truth be told, contouring is not everyone's thing. A lot of us would rather achieve a more defined, tapered face by using less product in a shorter amount of time. And believe us, it's possible. Your makeup transformations can be as quick

How to Conceal Your Acne the Right Way

Conceal without irritating your pimples!
Applying the perfect face of makeup is every girl's goal when she wakes up in the morning. But sometimes, the face just doesn't want to cooperate. With an unexpected zit breakout, we spend more time in front of the vanity debating whether