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15 Impressive Halloween Makeup Ideas You Can Pull Off Last Minute

15 Impressive Halloween Makeup Ideas You Can Pull Off Last Minute
IMAGE Instagram/raizacontawi, Twitter/Sacheu
Want to challenge your makeup skills this Halloween? Here are costumes ideas that will definitely wow.

Did you forget to plan your Halloween costume ahead? Don't worry, your makeup skills might be able to save you this year. Ahead, we list 15 makeup looks you can copy from iconic movies and shows, including some ther classics that will never fail you. What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling!

15 Impressive Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

1. Jennifer Check from Jennifer's Body

If you want to go simple and special effects-free, Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body is as simple as it gets. You only need to copy her arched brows, brown smoky eye, and nude lips! After that, all that's left to do is hold a lighter under your tongue to cop her signature pose. A white shirt should do the trick for your outfit, and then don't forget to keep your hair long and straight. In case you do want to play around with some fake blood though, you can dress as her undead version by slathering on your nose and mouth and wearing some white-out contacts.

Here's a tutorial from YouTuber Sarah Cheung if you're ready to commit!

2. Trixie Tang from Fairly Odd Parents

A "soft girl" aesthetic isn't that hard to maintain, even during Halloween. And for the '90s kids out there, you can't go wrong with the Fairly Odd Parents' Trixie Tang's dainty, all-lilac look. After copping her easy pastel makeup, your outfit and fringed locks should have you looking party ready in a jiffy!

3. Kang Sae-byeok from Squid Game

Going as a character from Netflix's biggest series ever will elicit instant recognition from anyone in your circle. And while a green tracksuit will definitely suffice, you can always go the extra mile and channel Kang Sae-byeok with just makeup. YouTuber Raiza Contawi has the best tutorial for this look, and what makes it even better is that it features products you most likely already have at home.


4. Alexandra Trese from Trese

Alexandra Trese from the animated Filipino series Trese also has a surprisingly uncomplicated makeup look if you need a last-minute ensemble. Just reshape your brows to make them sharper with a high arch, create a winged smoky eye, and finish off with a rosy nude lip. The rest would rely on your hair, which should be a neck-length bob with a V-shaped fringe. Raiza Contawi also has one of the most detailed tutorials for this costume if you need a guide!

5. Joker from Suicide Squad

Already went as Harley Quinn for Halloween? Let the Joker be your next iconic costume—Jared Leto in Suicide Squad, to be specific! This take on the character is your best bet for something bold yet still glamorous. To nail it, you need to have these key elements: Green slicked back hair (colored hairspray is your best friend), pale skin with small tattoos, a sooty smoky eye, a blackish red lip, gold accessories, and finally, metallic teeth (you can DIY this with foil!).

Watch this tutorial by YouTuber Christen Dominique for a full walk through:

6. Alien Doja Cat in Need to Know

For an ambitious yet beginner-friendly take on an alien look, channel Doja Cat's makeup in her Need to Know music video. It doesn't have to be perfect—as long as you have the pale green face paint and the red brows down pat, you're almost there! Watch Brooke Raquel's video below to inspire your version:

7. Vampire

A vampire-inspired makeup look for Halloween can never be boring when done well. In fact, instead of only painting your skin white, play around with black and burgundy tones for your eye and lip makeup. The darker the better, because it'll add a stunning contrast to your ghastly complexion. Let YouTuber Leesu Blooming guide you through this modern take in the video below:

watch now

8. Clown

Traditional clown costumes can be quite challenging to put together, but it doesn't always have to be! You can pull it off by using just liquid eyeliner and blush, as seen on TikToker Hayleybuix. Easy, simple, and definitely perfect for when you're running extremely late!

9. Spider web

We swear, eyeliner can be your savior for any last-minute costume. In the TikTok below, Hayley demonstrates two spider web-inspired eye makeup looks plus an easy bat wing-shaped liner as an alternative. It's as simple as a Halloween look goes, but you can always compensate with a jaw-dropping outfit!

10. Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

Wednesday Addams is nothing short of a Halloween icon. While most people would stop at copying her signature braids and outfit, take your version up a glamorous notch with a dramatic cat eye, falsies, and a blackened pout topped with gloss.

11. The Nun

For a costume that requires only two colors to make, the ghost from The Nun sure makes for a terrifying one. It's very straightforward, too: Simply paint your face white and use black face paint or powder to draw the hollow areas and other details. To make it even scarier, finish the look with yellow or white-out contacts!

12. Skeleton

TikToker Erin Dugan Jurchak proves that the only difference between a smoky eye look and skeleton makeup is the bottom half of your face. In her video, she covered her entire mouth area with foundation, set it with powder, and drew a skeleton nose and mouth with a black pencil eyeliner. She then contoured her face with a black eyeshadow, and that's it!


13. Pop art

For those who want a fun look instead of a creepy one, a pop art-style transformation could be for you. As seen on TikToker Alexa Gabriella, the main features of this makeup look are the black strokes on the contours of the face, dark curvy brows, and bright pops of color on the eyes and lips. Covering your mug with white dots is optional, but will defintely take your makeup to the next level!

14. Jigsaw from Saw

If you have a white button down, a black coat, and a red bow tie at home, you're already halfway into dressing as Jigsaw for Halloween. That's because you can easily recreate his mask with makeup—no actual mask needed! Watch Pralina Karina's transformation below to find out how to pull it off:

15. Frankenstein's monster's twin

Admittedly, Frankenstein's monster is one of those classic costumes that are a challenge to recreate. But if you still want that vibe, Freja Bermann on Tiktok offers a chicer alternative: His female twin! Although the green complexion is still a must for the look, the other details in the TikToker's version (like the fake stitches) are much easier to recreate at home. Not to mention it's just super pretty!

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