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These Shampoo and Soap Bars Are Almost Too Pretty to Use

These Shampoo and Soap Bars Are Almost Too Pretty to Use
They're environmentally-friendly, too!

In further effort to making sustainability a standard for businesses comes local lifestyle and beauty brand Gaea, which offers beauty essentials that are almost too pretty to use. 

Launching last August, the brand has committed itself to being more than just another business venture. Maybe it's the wider awareness of younger entrepreneurs nowadays or established businesses finally realizing the threat of climate change, but more and more brands are deciding to consciously make an effort towards producing more environmentally-friendly products and packaging. And yes, that includes what you use in the shower. But Gaea has made sure that you don't have to compromise quality for you to be a little nicer to the environment. In fact, their shampoo and soap bars are even Instagram-worthy. 

It's a smart move by the 24-year-old brand owner Ariane Punlusan, who just recently received her Master's Degree on Marketing Communications at the De La Salle University, clearly knowing a thing or two about the value of presentation.


Below, Preview chats with Ariane about making beauty essentials sustainable and how they make their all-natural products extra prettier. 

What is the concept behind Gaea?

"Gaea promotes products that are all-natural, organic, handmade and cruelty- free. We also strive to use plastic-free packaging, especially for products that are commonly commercially-packaged in single-use plastic bottles.

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"In addition, Gaea patronizes sustainable ingredients which can be grown without destroying the environment. 20% of Gaea’s income go directly to Environmental Legal Assistance Center, Inc. (ELAC), an NGO in Palawan."

How do you make the bars look so beautiful?

"When it comes to our soap bars, simplicity is beauty. We try to make them as conservative and as minimalist as possible. As long as all the essential ingredients are in, we just add a little bit of nature’s gift by topping them with colorful flowers. With our shampoo bars, the variation of colors and scents make the shampoo bars alive. Every variant has its own personality and caters to every hair condition."


What are the advantages of going all-natural with your grooming? 

"All-natural shampoo bars cleanse and nourish the hair without stripping off the its natural oils while regular shampoo bars have synthetic chemicals that can damage the scalp and hair. Aslo, using natural health and beauty products is really good for the environment."


What products do you carry right now?

"We have Gaea's all-natural and vegan soap enriched with moisturizer (topped with three different flowers) and Gaea shampoo bars in five variants: Rose, Mint, Seaweed, Lavender, and Jasmine."


Do you plan on expanding the line?

"Most definitely. Gaea concentrates on toiletry essentials such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, feminine washes, and toothpastes. We launched Gaea with our shampoo and soap bars but other products will be added soon."

Where can people buy it?

"You can go online and visit @savegaea on Instagram or @savinggaea in Facebook. We're also at The Naturale Market, 2nd floor, Filipino Village, Ayala Malls Manila Bay."


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