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10 Delicate Tattoo Ideas That Are Perfect If You're a Virgo

10 Delicate Tattoo Ideas That Are Perfect If You're a Virgo
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Thinking of getting a Virgo tattoo?

Virgos are one of the most special people you’ll encounter. They treasure each of their loved ones very much because of their overflowing sympathy and kindness which assures their life-long friendship with you. They are also very smart, diligent, and practical individuals, and you’ll surely a learn a lot from them in every conversation. Virgos thrive in academic and personal connections, but there might be times when they can be extreme perfectionists and overthinkers, they often need to be reminded to take breaks from time to time to ease the stress out.

Now, if you are seeking to embrace your Virgo qualities even more, or you have a treasured Virgo loved one you'd like to honor, a tattoo might just be the perfect way to do so. Scroll on and see which Virgo tattoo you feel the most connection to.

10 Virgo Tattoo Ideas for Your Next Ink

1. Buttercup

The buttercup flower’s clean lines and delicate petals resembles a Virgo’s type-A personality. They’re perfectionists and high achievers and it can be difficult for them to function in a cluttered environment, but this blossom can bring order into their space. This bright flower also exudes joy, youth, and friendship which Virgos highly treasure.  

PHOTO BY Instagram/@ siyeon_tattoo

2. Aster

An aster is a flower for Virgos born on September. These blooms hold valuable wisdom and determination just like Virgos who are always keen on learning new things. Plus, having a minimalist aster flower tattoo inked on your bikini line is too cute, don’t you think?

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PHOTO BY Instagram/@hollieink_

3. Poppy

For August Virgos a poppy flower tattoo is for you! They resemble your calm and collective character, and its bright red color translates to the spark of joy you carry to your peers.

PHOTO BY Instagram/@zihong_tattoo

4. Aster Constellation

You can also mix and match two Virgo emblems in one tattoo. We suggest fusing your zodiac flower and constellation because they create such a cute and dainty pairing. This photo of an aster and Virgo constellation tatt proves it!

PHOTO BY Instagram/@tattooist_greem

5. Fox

An animal that greatly represents Virgos is a fox. They’re independent, sensitive, and always prepared. Having a tattoo of a fox will encourage you to always believe in your strength sand abilities especially on days when you feel down in the dumps. You can ink a fox tattoo in a cute and minimalist way just like in this photo. Adorbs!

PHOTO BY Instagram/@honeybeetattoo_airu

6. Virgo Constellation

If you’re always fascinated with stars, a Virgo constellation might just be the tatt for you. This particular one represents the goddess of justice and good harvest and can be likened to Virgos, who always seek to make things right and like to keep everything in order.

PHOTO BY Instagram/@issiccortes

7. Mercury Glyph

If you’re always fascinated with stars, a Virgo constellation will make you to dream anywhere you go. This constellation represents the goddess of justice and good harvest. Just like you who always seeks for the right and likes to keep everything in order.   


PHOTO BY Instagram/@hollieink_

8. Virgo Symbol

If you like to keep things simple and straight to the point, the Virgo horoscope symbol will do just fine! Just like the photo, you can have your ink handpoked for that subtle and unique style. Having it in your favorite color is also another way to make your Virgo symbol look more special.


PHOTO BY Instagram/@hand.pokka

9. Wheat

One of Virgo’s symbols is the goddess of good harvest, and she is always depicted carrying wheat to highlight her power of fertility. The wheat also represents a Virgo's passion for being in service to other people who need an extra hand. Harness her energy and what she stands for with this delicate wheat ink.

PHOTO BY Instagram/@ fatihodabas

10. Virgo Script

Another straightforward tattoo on the list is this Virgo ink. If you want everyone to know your character right away, this kind of tattoo is the best indication. To show the subtle passion and love you have towards yourself, have your tattoo inked in red and in script to make you feel empowered.


PHOTO BY Instagram/@angelichelltattoo


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