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10 Popular Flower Tattoo Designs and the Special Meanings Behind Them

Check out the hidden meanings behind these blooming designs!
Flower tattoos are not only pretty to look at—they're meaningful, too! Each bloom has a particular symbolism (think: hope and new beginnings), which is one of the reasons why some people would opt for a flower tatt. Ultimately, though, what your ink

10 Dainty Watercolor Flower Tattoos You'll Want As Your Next Ink

You can't go wrong with these elegant designs!
If you’ve always been a fan of color, then watercolor art may be your best new option for a tatt. Unlike typical tattoos which are outlined with a black ink, watercolor tatts are finished with diffused raw edges that somehow makes the

10 Stylish Tattoos with Flowers That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Here are some groundbreaking floral designs that are undeniably chic.
Freshly picked or beautifully dried, flowers spruce up any space and lift your mood almost instantly—and we’d like to think that it has the same effect when it’s inked on your skin, too. Drawn simple or intricate, tiny as a thumb or