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What Is the "Clean" Beauty Look and Why Should You Try It?

What Is the "Clean" Beauty Look and Why Should You Try It?
IMAGE Tiktok/, roziebz, xolizahbeauty
It's the new minimalist beauty trend that should be on your radar.

Maybe you've  already seen it on your own FYPs, but there's currently a trend going around on TikTok of women putting on minimal makeup and wearing simple jewelry. They call it the "clean" look, which couldn't be any more fitting.

What is the "clean" beauty look?

As opposed to the "no-makeup" makeup look that focuses on just your makeup, the premise of the clean look is to have an effortlessly fresh and low-maintenance appearance through your makeup, hair, and accessories. However, the irony here is that in order to achieve this au naturale aura, you do still have to put in a bit of effort!

Beauty content creator Lizah Beauty or @xolizahbeauty runs down the characteristics for the "clean girl" look in her trending sound. According to her, it composes of dewy-looking skin, glossy lips with a hint of color, and a minimal makeup look in general. Sounds simple enough, right? Keep scrolling to find out how to attain it yourself!

clean girl makeup look tiktok trend
PHOTO BY Tiktok/xolizahbeauty

How to achieve the "clean girl" beauty trend

1. Get your glow on.

 The key to this look is a base that's glowy and not greasy. In trying to attain that, you’d need to apply serums or essences containing humectants that'll hydrate the skin and retain moisture. If you need a little extra help, a faint touch of concealer and then highlighter on the high points of the face will do the trick!

Glossier's Future Dew Serum (P1900, Lazada) is a fan-favorite for giving that natural finish to the skin. This serum can be mixed in with your daily moisturizer for more glow or applied directly on the cheek bones or nose bridge for more shine!

2. Fluff your brows.

Bushy brows are essential to the clean look, but there's no need to heavily fill yours in with a brow pencil or powder either. The aesthetic is all about having feathery, natural arches so brow gel is your best friend!

If you want a quick fix, try Soap Brows by The Brow Bizz (P199, Shopee) to have that brushed-up look throughout the entire day!

clean girl makeup look tiktok trend
PHOTO BY Tiktok/
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3. Add a hint of color.

A natural stain to your cheeks and lips is a must for having a youthful flush. Using a cream blush appears more natural and will add to the glowy skin effect that is optimal for the clean look, as opposed to a powder blush that might take away the freshness with its matte finish.

If you're looking for a tinge of color on the cheeks, check out Focallure's liquid blush (P99, Shopee) for a creamy and pigmented option that won't hurt your budget!

4. Gloss your lips.

When doing this clean look, reach for a lightweight nude lip gloss or lip oil for a plump and hydrated pout. Anastasia Beverly Hills' Lipgloss in Caramel (P1120, Sephora) is a great option for this, because its soft pinky brown shade will give you a barely-there sheen.

clean girl makeup look tiktok trend
PHOTO BY Instagram/roziebz

5. Keep the frizz at bay.

Your hair is another important factor to consider for the clean look. Smoothen any flyaways, and if it really can't be helped, try a pulled-back ponytail or bun to hide frizz. FYI, a light hair serum like the Perfect Serum from Mise-en-Scene (P380, Shopee) can be used to flatten any stray hairs without giving that oily finish!


6. Don't forget to accessorize!

Part of the clean look involves wearing timeless gold jewelry to add an understated sparkle. Whether it be earrings, rings, or a necklace, choose pieces that are dainty, minimal, and suitable for daily wear. It might not seem to matter so much at first, but this makes the biggest difference to your look!

Local brand Penny Pairs' demi-fine jewelry are perfect for this vibe. Check out their best-selling Venus Gold Huggies (P1399) earrings or the Lucia Gold Necklace (P2199), which are both non-tarnish and hypoallergenic!

clean girl makeup look tiktok trend
PHOTO BY Tiktok/evaranklin

7. End on a good (perfume) note.

Lastly, the clean look is all about smelling fresh as much as it is looking fresh. Choose the right scent to wear by going for light floral and fruity notes, but any will work as long as it has a delicate feel.

For the "clean" aesthetic, you can try Zara's Femme (P545) which has notes of peony and vanilla with some musk, or Tuberose (P545) which has fruity hints of blackcurrant, tuberose, and vanilla.

Should you try it?

Some people may benefit from the simplified routine that the "clean" look offers, so it's definitely worth trying out if you want a subtle change. In fact, while it seems to be just a passing TikTok trend, it's actually a pretty timeless look that can make all the difference!

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