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10 Best Glossier Products You Need to Try in This Lifetime

Find out why everyone is obsessed with this beauty brand.
At this point, who hasn't heard of Glossier? The beauty brand has practically become the standard for real girl skinimalism since launching in 2014—its name is now synonymous to dewy skin, fluffy brows, plus a bubble wrap pouch in a very specific shade of

These Are the Exact Products Kendall Jenner Uses to Achieve a Dewy Glow

If she could only have two makeup products, it would be these!
Kendall Jenner's off-duty face is miles simpler than you probably think. Her go-to look is just about as modelesque as it can get, featuring only a handful of products to pull together a polished yet still natural glam.She shared her routine in

10 Highlighters That Will Make You Look Naturally Dewy

Fake glassy skin!
Achieving dewy skin in a humid country is surprisingly easy. All you need is a highlighter, preferrably one with a low-key glow that will make you look like you're glowing from within. When placed on areas where light naturally hits, no one

LOTD: Mariel Padilla's Glowing "No-Makeup" Look Is So Easy to Cop

No, seriously!
When your skin has reached peak glow, light should bounce right off of it like a reflector. We know—that sounds totally impractical given our hot climes, but celebrity makeup artist Mark Qua would like to prove otherwise. Here's an ultra-dewy, "no-makeup" makeup

10 Luxurious Foundations to Try for Fresh, Dewy Skin

They're totally worth the splurge.
If you’ve always been on the lookout for bases that will leave your skin glowing and dewy, then you already know that the good ones are a little hard to come by. Sure, matte finish foundations are great for long days and

This Tutorial Proves You Don't Need to Be Flawless to Have "Glass Skin"

It's the most practical one we've watched to date.
If you think "glass skin" makeup requires you to be naturally poreless and translucent, then you can't be farther away from the truth. FYI, whether you have dry, oily, or acne-prone skin, achieving this K-beauty trend comes easy when equipped with the

LOTD: Taki Saito Wore This Instead of a Gown for Her 18th Birthday

Major Coachella vibes.
An 18th birthday party usually isn't complete without a ball gown, but it's 2018—such grandeur is no longer the norm. Taki Saito, for example, ditched the princess theme for a Coachella-inspired, tropical celebration for her big day. She even kept her outfit

6 Product Recipes That Will Give You Glowing Skin

Easy peasy.
We'd be glad to drink hyaluronic acid to achieve glowing skin in an instant, but that's just not how it works. Luckily, we have all these to quench our thirst for brightness and evenness.1. Illuminating Serum = 1 TeaspoonOne teaspoon of La

This Cushion Foundation Can Give You Fresh, Glassy Skin

Dewy skin on the go!
The technology behind cushion compacts has lifted it beyond the "trendy product" status. It was once only popular in Asia, and now almost every major beauty brand in the world carries their own take on the product. In fact, it's not hard

LOTD: How to Achieve the "Glass Skin" Effect Like Sue Ramirez

Give your skin a glossy boost.
Truth be told, the radiant skin you see in celebrities' photos isn't always 100% natural. Even celebs with amazing skin need a little help from skincare and makeup, and from there, the "glass skin" magic happens.To prove our point, we asked Laura

LOTD: How to Achieve a Golden Glow That Flatters Morena Skin

It looks amazing in pictures!
More than using a good highlighter, achieving dewy skin depends on how well your skincare and makeup go together. Some products work better when paired with a certain ingredient or formula, so make it your beauty mission to find your own killer

Let This MUA Show You How to Master Fresh, Glowing Bridal Makeup

Dewy and gorgeous for your big day.
Whenever we ask makeup artists about the most-requested look for weddings, their answer is mostly the same: fresh, dewy and minimal. It's truly a timeless look, one that registers spectacularly in photos when done right. Below, Make Up For Ever affiliate artist

10 Foundations That'll Give You Glass Skin Within Minutes

Fake it 'til you make it, right?
"Glass skin" is K-beauty's ideal for translucent, bouncy, and super hydrated skin. Basically, it's skin so clear and glowy, you can almost see yourself right through it. It sounds impossible now, but we swear there's a skin care routine for it. The

Currently Trending: Rainbow Duochrome Highlighter

There are two things you should see from space: The Great Wall of China and your highlighter.
Rainbows and holograms are no longer simply reminiscent of the '80s: Duochrome makeup is taking them to another level and era. The two-toned, prismatic look can be subtle yet captivating, with iridescence playing with light and perception. Versatility is also what makes

LOTD: You Have to Try Sandara Park's Strobing Technique

Dewy, but definitely not oily!
Copping the K-beauty world's famed dewy skin could be a struggle if you have oily skin. It seems almost impossible to achieve the right glow without looking like a disco ball in a few hours, considering the amount of highlighter and strobing

This Korean Girl Revealed How She Got Clear "Glassy" Skin

You won't believe how simple it is.
A beauty junkie's skin care routine is going viral on Instagram, and it's not because she has 10 steps. Ellie Choi sticks to a simple regimen that even a K-beauty noob can follow, but the result is the same: clear, luminous skin. We