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10 Nude and Beige Manicure Ideas If You Love Minimalist Nails

10 Nude and Beige Manicure Ideas If You Love Minimalist Nails
IMAGE Maura Rodriguez, INSTAGRAM.COM/overglowedit
Since nude looks good an any skintone!

I don’t know about you but getting my nails done has always been a great way to destress. Whether it means going to a salon for a manicure or painting my digits at home—giving nails that extra oomph of color is never a bad idea, especially if you’re one to take wrist-candy photos or food shots holding up your favorite milk tea or iced coffee.

A color that never goes out of style on your nails is nude. Beige-toned nail polish looks good on almost any skin tone and undeniably makes your hand look cleaner, neater, and your fingers a little slimmer and longer. Your preferred nail shape and length barely come into play when painting on a nude polish—the color does all the work and your hands just instantly look better.

So if you’re looking for the many ways to play around with your favorite beige, cream, or nude nail lacquers, here are 10 chic ideas you should definitely try!

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Skin Tone on Tone

PHOTO INSTAGRAM.COM/betina_goldstein

Want your fingers to look longer than they actually are? Then pick a nude that’s the same color as your skin tone and not your cuticles! This kind of manicure gives off the illusion of longer digits instantly.

Nude with A Touch of Gold


The perfect manicure for brides, adding gold flecks or glitter to even just the tip of your nails will give you that subtle sparkle you might want for your look.

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Nude with Accent Nails


PHOTO BY Maura Rodriguez


If you’re tired of a single color manicure but aren’t ready to go color crazy, then why not opt for an accent nail? Just be sure to pick colors that go together! For a nude or beige base, earth tones like peach, yellow, and green work well.

Add Some Iridescent Shine





If you'd like to stick to monotone nude nails, why not finish it off with a holographic top coat to give it a unique sheen? This will give your nails a pearl-like finish and is a subtle way of adding color to your manicure. 


Go Long or Go Home



Celebrities like Sarah Lahbati and Nadine Lustre (who get their nails done by the talented Mimi Qiu!) love a sexy set of long nude talons! But if you’re not a fan of acrylics, growing out your nails then filing them into a more oval tip is enough to achieve this effect. We promise you, it's worth trying out even just once! You might be surprised by how elegant long nails actually look.

Nude with Subtle Nail Art


Nail art doesn’t have to be complicated. You can actually just draw on a line, add a dome, or scribble random images that fit your nail to add a bit of an accent. Black polish works best for that “aesthetic” nail art that looks good no matter your outfit or makeup look.

Try a Simple Gradient

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM.COM/shirley_lmcosmetic

Nude gradient nails aren’t actually so intimidating to look at. You can actually achieve this by applying your gradient color of choice over your beige base with a sponge and going over it with a top coat to blend the colors seamlessly. If you’re a little scared to try it, we suggest using a color a tone a little bit lighter or darker than your base color so the effect is more subtle than striking.

Make it Matte

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM.COM/betina_goldstein

Haven’t tried your favorite nude polish in matte? It might actually be your next obsession The effect is stylish and timeless, and looks especially good in photos!

A French Tip Nude


Instead of your typical pinkish base coat, opt for a beige or nude color and line your nails with the usual white French tip. But if you’re feeling adventurous, we suggest you go for a black or multicolored accent. This will give your manicure an edge without looking over-the-top!

Why Not Go Full Nude?


Nude, after all, is about going all natural. So why not let flaunt your actual nails? The key is to make sure you’ve grown them out a bit! Opt for a high gloss or matte top coat, or even a sheer nude polish, to finish your look. You’d be surprised how pretty your digits actually look sans the colored polish.


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