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5 of the Coolest Manis We've Seen This Season

Spoiler alert: Harry Styles is #nailgoals.
Your nails? They may not be an essential part of your overall look, but a well-thought-out mani can definitely speak loads about your personality. You can go crazy (think: Elle Fanning at the Met Gala) or deliberately not care (like the imperfect

10 Pretty Stocking Stuffers for Your Nail Polish-Obsessed Friends

Pretty varnishes for everyone on your list!
Nail polishes are just as much of a treat as candies for the beauty girls in your life. So if you're in a last-minute shopping rut, stuff their stockings with pretty hues colors and Insta-worthy bottles that were made to impress! For

Here's How KC Concepcion Maintains Glowing Skin from Head to Toe

She swears by these all-natural ingredients.
You may think you're already being diligent with your skincare, but according to KC Concepcion, there's a chance you're not being as thorough as you think. Because while you might have a complete regimen for your face, chances are you're forgetting about

Review: These Nail Extensions Rescued Me from My Brittle Nail Dilemma

No-chip nails? Yes, please!
What: Gelish Polygel System, price starts at P2000Gelish Polygel System is basically a hybrid between hard gel and acrylic nails. But unlike hard gel, Polygel is not self-leveling and stays where your nail technician puts it; and unlike acrylic, it does not harden

8 Genius Alternative Uses for Your Beauty Products

We're calling it.
Even beauty junkies who keep an arsenal of tools and products have makeup and skin care emergency secrets. Here are the tried-and-ested hacks we've unlocked over the years:1. Flat Iron as CurlerInstead of wrapping your hair around the flat iron, get a

6 of the Best Places to Grab Finger Food In Manila

Ready to get your hands dirty?
Mama always said not to play with your food, but we're going to break the rules juuust this once. Like, six times over. Below, we make mealtime real fun—here are a half dozen of the tastiest spots to eat with your hands

Review: We Love This Local Brand's Affordable Gel Nail Polish

Happy nails, happy me.
What: Solique x Agoo Gel polish by Girlstuff. In collabration with local brand Solique, beauty expert Agoo Bengzon (who was also Preview's beauty editor) released a limited edition collection of gel polishes. She created a total of three shades for the line:

Review: These Gel Polishes Will Give You Your Quickest Manicure Yet

Another hit from Happy Skin!
Gel mani fans, rejoice! Happy Skin just released its first line of gel nail polishes with a formulation that require no time under the UV lamp. Yup, believe it. Consider it your at-home pamper session's latest upgrade. Introducing, the Express Gel Polishes!IMAGE Happy SkinHappy Skin Express

5 Things to Expect From Agoo Bengzon's New Nail Polish Collection

Here's everything we know so far!
Get your nails ready because beauty expert and Preview's former beauty editor Agoo Bengzon will be releasing a polish collection just in time for the summer with local brand Solique. In an interview, Agoo spills the latest details on her new nail lacquer

How Peeling Off My Accessories Led Me to Painting Them On

Confessions of a nail-a-holic.
I can pinpoint exactly that moment in time when I said no to piled-on accessories. We were doing the September 2007 cover for the 20th anniversary of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP) and had 13 models coiffed in Twenties-style

3 Easy Ways to Extend Your Gel Mani

It's easier than you think.
Gel manis are the best but when they've suddenly grown out or start to show signs of wear and tear, I somehow feel close to tears because not only do I have to shell out around P600-P800 again, but I also have

The Internet is Currently Obsessed with this Nail Trend

Who knew manicures could make this big of a statement.
If you are feeling stumped on finding that next statement or “wow” piece to spruce up a simple outfit, then look no further and have a shot at this new nail trend—chrome nails. Also known as “mirror nails,” it has become a

3 Nail Polish Kits for a DIY Mani at Home

They're so easy to use.
For the girl who loves a good mani, there's no denying that the habit can be hard on the wallet. Not to mention, tedious. With traffic nowadays stretching 30-minute journeys into three hour butt-numbing rides, leaving home for a measly manicure seems

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Nails

Goodbye to brittle and cracked tips!
Pretty nails are good, but healthy nails are better. Before you schedule your next gel polish session with your manicurist, best make sure that your tips get the proper pampering they need. Here are a few ways that you can keep your

QUIZ: What Does Your Nail Polish Say About You?

Are you a deep red kind of girl or do you prefer your tips in the nude?
As much as we try to avoid judging the book by its cover, we only have the person’s physical appearance to base our first impressions from. While there are those who look at the overall package, there are some who zoom straight

KFC Releases Edible Nail Polish That Taste Like Chicken

Would you be willing to give this a try?
We here at Style Bible have a weakness for fried chicken. I mean, how could we possibly pass up on that crispy goodness, right? But like all other things, too much of it can go badly—which is precisely why we’d have to